Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Kittens!

We took in 4 more kittens today. They're extra cute, long hair, furry 6 week old kittens. They're already tested, vaccinated, wormed, bathed, etc. and playing with the kitten gang in Cat's Corner Room. The Paddys like to play with them under the door, exchanging paw for paw "battles"! We had BOXES last night! Clarice G sent a really neat box of organic catnip fish toys. The cats LOVE them, they are super scented drive-them-crazy-fish toys! Peeka sent some Fancy Feast and another jellyfish toy. Grommitt loves the jellyfish. He can be entertained for hours with it. Jatcat sent some Fancy Feast also, including a case of kitten fancy feast. We were down to 2 cases of fancy feast, so extra thanks for restocking us. We had an adoption last evening. Ziva was adopted! A wonderful person was here this past week. She lived in another state and volunteered at a cat rescue. She's now in Ohio and is ready to adopt a cat of her own. Knowing the difficulty of certain cats being adopted, she was open to taking Ziva. Ziva warmed right up to her and enjoyed the cuddling. She'll keep us posted. Now we can leave the kitty door open when it's time. Mvula and Shorona are zooming up one of the ceiling to floor poles. Paul put new hemp rope on it yesterday, so now it's a new climbing toy. Putter has sitting on the floor staring at us like a king down to a science. He knows it results in being picked up and held. Remember to vote! 

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