Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We're #1 in Ohio!

Thanks for your votes! We are #1 in the State of Ohio!  We have great plans if we could win enough $$ to do a special project. More later after plans are more concrete. Please remember to vote each day and on each browser.  Thanks to DeEtte for your donation to the Rescue Center--we truly appreciate your support!   Thanks to Bantry for the Dawn dish soap--we are grateful! We do alot of dishes here. We found a tickle spot on Putter!  Scratchng his left ear produces a a big purr and a stretched out body for more petting. He's something else! We had the cam in Ziva's kitten room last night for alittle while. For only being 3 weeks old, these kittens are fairly active already. Starting to get little eye slits on Raza's kittens--eyes may be open soon. Murka has discovered if he lays on the desk, he gets major tummy rubs. We've been putting Asha "here and there" on various cat furniture shelves, so she has to move a little bit--it's successful so far, more mobile. She's actually very graceful.That Mvula is really a nice cat--is a people lover, especially loves thise back scratches. JatKat continues to intrigue me with her climbing abilities--she has a big stubborn heart and doesn't give up easy!  Merci has been glued to the window in Kitty Campus Room--loves having the window open and watching all the action in the parking lot.


Von Meow

Von Meow is such a dandy! She's friendly, sweet and lovable. She arrived here after being found on a road and it was so very cold out. Her birthday is 10/19/10. She absolutely loves laying in the sunshine on the cat walks under the windows. Von Meow acts like she's always been here and has made friends with all of the visitors and the kittens and cats. Life is good for her--she would adjust quickly to a new home. She's a speedster when it comes to chasing the lazer light!