Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why do we clean so often?

We frequently are asked why we clean so much. The answer is simple! We  LIKE it clean! It benefits the cats and the people that are here. By cleaning, it reduces the number of disease particles and reduces dust, dander & odors. It also presents a good image to the public and it protects the health of animals, volunteers and the visitors. It's another way we can show that we care about the rescue center. Yes, we DO shop vac and mop 3 times a day and clean all surfaces daily. The volunteers give a superb effort in doing this big job.  Today is our monthly  filming for DCTV. It is aired 3-4 times a week PLUS there's a link on our blog page that you can watch anytime you'd like. ROADIE will be adopted today--yeah for Roadie. He used his charms & it worked! New development for Raza's kittens--their eyes are "cracking" so they'll be looking at the world in a few days. Thanks to Paul, the fiberpanels are 100% complete--all walls are now covered! These tough fiberpanels make it so bright in the rescue center & super easy to clean. It really looks nice. Bella pulled a good one yesterday--she looked so pitiful that everyone was giving her extra baby food. She certainly knows how to play us! Please remember to vote. The t-shirts are here and on sale. Check out yesterday's post for more info.


Manny and sister Mazza arrived with their mama Margo. Manny & sib were 4 weeks when they came--their birthday is 7/18/10. Manny is so very handsome--his black fur has a chocolate tone to it. One of his favorite things to do is "stalk the snake", also known as the sweeper cord--he's a great hunter, so he thinks! Sometimes it seems he plays from sunup to sundown. He gets along very well with the other cats, kids and dogs--an all around good boy. Super friendly.