Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Kitten Show was a success!

Thanks to Racer for setting up the Kitty Show last night--it was fun and complete with sound. The kittens even wore a little sign reminding people to vote! They also played big time with their new pirate ship toy. Thanks, viewers, for sharing in our fun. We also had 2 packages arrive yesterday. One was from CGR--these were 3 beautiful collars--all for Asha! When she gets tired of one, we can switch. Thanks cg--Asha looks stunning with her new collar on. Thanks too to the person who donated the KMR powder. If you'd like to let us know who sent this, I'd love to give proper thanks to you. It's a well used item here with all these kittens. We took in a new little baby yesterday, a little black male kitten with a white mark on his tummy. Just 6 weeks old, found in a park. He is named Dunakin, after the people who rescued him. He's a cutie! We now have over 400,000 total views on our web-cam. This is just amazing to me. I remember when we reached our first 1,000 and thought that was simply awesome! I heard from the family that adopted CLOUD--she's doing great, settled in very quickly and is sleeping on the bed already! A good report.


Also, for those of you wondering about Hiro, he has been found! He has been staying with a neighbor. 

We have a winner in the logo contest! You can go here to view the new official logo as well as the other 2 finalists. Thank you to ALL the people who submitted. 

Bella and Putter
Bella and Putter...

Bella... and Putter
Bella... and Putter.