Thursday, May 19, 2011

Plan on new plans.

Asha has been taking naps with the kittens! Isn't that just wonderful? She looks so peaceful with them. She's actually on the floor at this moment playing with 3 of the kittens. The new 11 yr. old cat, Trey, is adjusting better every day. He likes to cruise around and is very people friendly. I've heard from Ruth, who adopted the two 10 year olds, Edward & Chaney. They seem to be adjusting to their new life pretty well. She'll be here today and we will get an update. Thank you all for the kind words about our loss of Penelope. I truly appreciate it. She is missed. The new kitten, Frisco is now out with the other kittens and is doing very well. The first night was a little scary for him, but he's making lots of kitty friends now. We are adjusting the blueprints of the new addition a bit. The contractor will be over again today to talk about it. More info later, but it's definitely a GO!!! So exciting and much needed. We had BOXES yesterday! Auntie Bantry sent some fun toys; zanie mice, a kong ball, and catnip flippers. They always love new things. Ilana and Smudge sent Friskies cans, Kitten Fancy Feast, 3 banana catnip toys (which was played with right away by Kurt Williams) and a Jellyfish toy which is now hanging in Cat's Corner Room for the kittens. SallyFromToledo sent Whisker Lickin's Treats, Eukanuba Kitten food, and furry toys. Thanks so much to everyone. Everything that you help supply us with, is money saved that I can put towards all of our medical and operational needs. I'm grateful. Iowa & Kansas have become quite the shoulder-riding kittens. Kurt Williams' rough fur coat that he came in with is slowly but surely becoming softer and shiny. Putter is doing pretty good, for an old boy. We sure do love him. He seems to enjoy sitting and staring at the kittens... Not quite sure what he's thinking!


John MacGibbon was kind enough to write about FFRC in his blog over at Martinborough Musings. John is a webcam viewer from New Zealand. Be sure to check it out. Thanks John!


"New Zealand? I's never eben been to da old one and dey goes and make anudder?!" -Cyrilla