Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another day, another kitten. Or FOUR.

Oh my, more kittens! We took in 4 more kittens. These are the kittens we've been working on with their family. Mama was spayed and we had the opportunity to worm, vaccinate and test mama BEFORE the kittens came in. The babies are 7 weeks old--2 are gold/white (males) and 2 are buff/white (females). The gold/whites are named Dugster and Dian. The buff/whites are named Denae and Denell. Very sweet, friendly kittens. We had a wonderful visitor yesterday here at the Rescue Center. JLA, a webcam viewer from Chicago drove down to see us. It's so nice to actually meet a few of you viewers in person. We truly enjoyed having her visit! We also had boxes yesterday. One box which was sent anonymously contained 2 of those rubbery toys that Asha loves, but these are “Wiggle Worm” shapes, and also catnip infused. Isn't it great that she has chosen something that she loves. Linda T. from Kansas also sent some plastic bags (qt. & gallon), Magic Eraser, Fancy Feast Kitten and a HUGE case of paper towels! Wow! Thanks bunches, Linda. All of it will be put to good use. Today will be a change for some of the kittens. The five long hair kittens (will get names today) and the 4 newbies will be going into June's Room for a couple days since they need more space to rock and roll. Winken, Blinken & Nod are doing good and starting to eat a little own their own. And they are happily getting formula ALL over themselves! This Saturday is another Meet and Greet (despite the construction). Lots of dogs and cats to look at, and another garage sale will be held. It's from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM here at the Rescue Center. Construction update: the sewer line is connected to the house now and the blocks have arrived for today’s work. We received $60 more for the building fund.


Salimo is ready to find a new home!