Friday, May 20, 2011

All's well than ends well.

Our Wellness Clinic went great yesterday, despite the rain. We saw 30 dogs and 3 cats. It was a good day for Earth Angels. I also saw Bravo, a black/white cat that was adopted from here. He looks awesome and loves his mama. Ruth (volunteer) was here yesterday with an update on Edward and Chaney. Both are now doing well and seem to be adjusting to their new home. Both are 10 years old. The shyer one, Chaney LOVES catnip and has been playing with catnip toys. Edward already sleeps with her. We had boxes yesterday! Asha was very pleased as she received some extras of her favorite orange mouse toy. Now she can bounce more of them around! Thanks Aunty Bantry for her orange toys. Also thanks to Jatcat who also sent Asha some of her Orkakat orange mice and Kitten Fancy Feast. We had an anonymous donor that sent 2 cases of Friskie cans. And thanks too to Jatcat for the box cutters with the shields! Thanks so very much for your support to all of you! Every penny I can save will be going to the new addition. The contractor will be here today with the newest (and hopefully the final) plans for the addition. When they're complete, I'll update you on the changes and ask Racer to upload a picture of what it'll look like. The kittens are learning the routine, that when they're called to come and eat, they're starting to go into their room by themselves! What smart kittens. Shorona is glued to the window--loves to watch the birds at the feeders. Kurt William absolutely loves to be petted and made a fuss over. Right now there's 7 kittens draped onto each other, sleeping in the sunshine. Merci and Cutie have been taking naps together.


Don't forget, you have until midnight Sunday to send in your t-shirt pre-order! You can find all the details here on the blog site, just check the navigation bar at the top of the page (click "T-Shirts").


Two of the Orange Brigade kittens snuggling in an Angel Catbed made especially for the kittens here at FFRC.  We received two kitten sized Angel Catbeds as a gift from the nice lady who crochets them. Be sure to check them out at her Etsy Store!