Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Kitten Show Redux

The Kitten Show last night was a great success. It's amazing the energy level that comes from a rescue center full of kittens! I received TWO phone calls yesterday asking for more Kitten Shows. Subra, Leotie and Deek's mama has a name! It's Queenie for our webcam viewer QueenofKings. She's really a nice, very young adult cat. Queenie is mostly white, with a tiger tail and a few gray tiger splotches on her. She loves to rub on legs. Road construction still going on with our road & possibly will be back in front of our house today. Right now there's 4 cats looking out the window trying to see where all the noise is coming from. Farrah's neck can't stretch any further! We got 2 BOXES last night. LindaInKansas sent some Royal Canin Dry Babycat food-they absolutely love it. The crunchies are teeny tiny size--just right for small kittens. Oskarsophie sent something for our oldsters--Friskies Tender Cuts made for seniors. Thanks so much both to Linda & Oskarsophie. We have so much to be grateful for with all the support we receive. Zander was bathing a kitten this morning. Paddy Purr was playing with little Subra while Missa totally ignores them!! Raza's 2 kittens Scribbles and Ketzie has climbing down to an art now. Pocus and Peterson still love taking naps together.