Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Magnificent Meet and Greet!

Our Meet & Greet was such a great day. We went past our 1:00 ending and finally slowed up at 2:30. We also had FOUR adoptions! Trey & Jolson were adopted together. These people had expressed an interest in him last week, vet references were great. Trey was in Kitty Campus Room, where they got acquainted with him. Jolson was also in this room and was just a marshmallow with them. They decided they needed 2 cats! I had just talked to the vet the evening before and was told since he was weight bearing and moving the knee, that they didn't need to see him! So happy for both of them. Sharona also found a home. She went to a family that has visited here off and on for quite some time, and couldn't resist her fun play mode. They enjoyed her spunkiness. Tibbits also went to his new home with an awesome young lady. I can guarantee he will continue to be spoiled rotten! We also received a Box yesterday. It was 2 cases of Whiskas Variety Packets. This was sent from Elaine/Willis, aka Quayside. We are so thankful. Octavia particularly appreciates it! I told her she could only "thieve" 1 packet a day--we'll see if she listens to me! Winken, Blinken and Nod have been moved to Patience's Pen. When I get the 9 names down pat on the kittens in June's Room, they will then have their doors opened. The sun is going to shine today, so we will open the outdoor enclosure this afternoon.


Chaplin is ready to find a new family