Friday, May 6, 2011

More Kitten Shows!

I will do another kitten show tonight (Friday May 6th) around the same time (8pm EDT).


Racer's evening Kitten Shows are a big hit, so much fun for the viewers and the kittens! We received a BOX from Linda T.! She sent a gift card from Meijer's for kitty litter (which of course we use ALOT of!) and some Royal Canin can kitten food (good food for growing kittens). Thanks so much Linda, we sure do appreciate you! We had our monthly taping for DCTV show yesterday. This new segment should start airing next week. Thanks to DCTV for giving us this opportunity. A Labor of Love Dog Rescue also showed 2 of their dogs. Murka is now my new desk cat. He curls up right in front, watching the screen. Our oldster Magenta has gained 2 ounces! She's so small, stays right around 5 pounds. Asha just jumped from ground level up to a shelf about 3 feet up, what an improvement. Farrah is doing great. Her chipped tooth from her fall earlier this week is doing fine. Please remember to apply flea prevention to your dogs and cats now, before flea season is in full swing! Prevention is much easier than treating an infestation.


Grommit Blues
Grommit Blues
Just don't ask him to play his saxophone for you.