Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And then there were 22... Kittens!

The mama cat to Subra, Deek and Leotie was spayed yesterday. We are going to try to convince her to be an inside cat--the first day she desperately wanted OUTSIDE, where she was familiar. We'll talk to her and explain how INSIDE is so much better. Don't have her named yet, but will very soon. She's almost all white with a tiger tail and a few tiger spots on her. The 3 kittens (Subra, Deek and Leotie) are now down and running around like crazy kittens should. It's definitely time to do the kitty shuffle walk around here. It's so energetic here with the kittens, but please, keep pushing for people to spay/neuter those cats. Racer did another Kitten Show last night-so much fun! Thanks Racer for letting our viewers see the action, complete with sound. We had BOXES last night! CGR sent another beautiful collar, either for Asha or another cat here in need. Asha thinks she's beautiful with her new collar (which she is). JATCAT sent 3 cases of Fancy Feast canned kitten food, which is in high demand right now. FELINETOYZ sent IAMS dry kitten food, one of our favorite foods to use. QUAY sent Fancy Feast Appetizers food & Whiskas pouches. We put one box of pouches in the food cabinet to use right away. Thanks so much for all of your support. It is such a good feeling to have our food shelves stocked, a feeling of security. YOU ALL are as important to us as the people in our local community are. Putter told me this morning that he thinks he's extra important now, being Sheriff Putter (see pics on facebook). That cat is getting quite a wardrobe!


I will do another Kitten Show tonight. It's too hard to really pin down a time to do these shows, since you never know whats going to happen around here on any given day, but I will try to start between 7pm and 8pm EDT. As always, the cam is on 24/7 so you will have the big cats to watch til I can get the kittens out.


Captain Birk
Captain Birk