Monday, May 16, 2011

Peterson and Novak!

Peterson has found his very own home! He was adopted yesterday into a family that has plenty of time of give to Peterson. We sent him home with a laser light and a 4 foot crinkle tunnel! I've also heard again from Novak's new family and all is fine there. He and the other 2 cats are very happy. We are all very glad for him. The new cat, Jolson is doing good. He was hit by a car about a week ago and severely fractured his rear leg. He was taken to Dr. Pettigrew's office where a femoral head resection & a knee repair was done on May 12th. He arrived here at the Rescue Center on May 14th. Our hope is that the leg surgery will be successful. I would like to explain why some leg fractures are repaired while some are amputated. If the leg is a severely crushed fracture and cannot be repaired, that's when the decision to amputate is made. Jolson is about 9 months old and will be on cage-rest for 1 week. Then we start physical therapy. Kurt Williams amputation surgery is healing very nicely. Asha has found a special small orange rubbery toy that she loves, and she goes crazy while playing with it! Raza's kittens are doing super great. They're all over the place now and growing like weeds! The other group of 18 are also doing well. All are out most of the time now. Emaline has found a special comfort in grooming them. She's in heaven when she has 1 or 2 in a cushy bed with her.

The Orange Brigade
Scribbles, Manon, Waki, Gibbs, Telo, and mama Raza