Saturday, May 21, 2011

Plans are finalized--let the building begin!

A BIG decision has been made. The new addition is a GO!! The contractor has been out again, final plans have been approved and the digging begins next week. There are a couple nice changes in this finalized plan. A small half bath will be included and instead of a tiny hallway, we will expand that to an 8 x 8 room. The contractor likes what we do here and is kind enough to get the building started, knowing we are working on raising funds. This has been a dream of mine for many years. It's time to do it! Racer will soon be posting a picture of the plan (see the "Building Expansion" link above, in the blog navigation bar -Kurt). If you are interested in helping to financially support this project, there are ways that our internet friends can help. We will gladly accept donations thru PayPal. You may also send a check directly to FFRC. Anyone contributing a donation to the building fund of $250 or more will have a plaque listing their name placed on the outside of the new addition. Connie K. and her neighborhood is planning the BIG garage/craft/bake sale in Bryan on June 9th thru the 11th. We will also have another garage sale here on May 28th. We also have a date scheduled in June to have a table outside of the local Wal-Mart. Any donations received at this event will go towards the building fund. There is a HUGE event that is in the beginning stages of organization that will take place in July. We'll keep you posted on that. The AdSense and Amazon money and the funds received from the t-shirt sales will also go towards the building fund. We will keep you updated as to how we're doing. We'll be happy to accept donations, prayers and words of confidence!


"Help build the new expansion? Yeah, I'll get right on that..." -Bella