Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last Kitten Show TONIGHT!

Those 2 Bermuda Paddys are quite the brothers. When one is zipping around you can almost always see the brother right behind. It's a joy to watch them. The cats had their window open yesterday to the outdoor enclosure. They loved it. The Cat's Cove cats also got a 2 hour outing to run around on the farm grounds. They always come back, food is a big motivator! We got 2 BOXES yesterday. Quayside sent a case of Whiskas Purrfectly Fish packs. The cats love these. Before I could even get them put away, that Octavia was already off with one of the packets. She went under the big silver pen and refused to give it up. Thanks so much Quay! Also received a box from Debra B. She enjoys watching the cam and sent a laser light, 24-count Friskies Prime Filets, q-tips, KMR and Clorox Cleaner spray. Thank you, Debra! Everything you sent will be well used. We always appreciate boxes, they certainly helps us in accomplishing what we are doing here! Tinker is definitely the leader of the 12 pack of kittens. He's a very busy boy. Those extra toes of his help him achieve his orneriness level! Dunakin is another very active kitten. He stirs up the 12 pack and gets them playing. Zander enjoys giving Cyrilla baths. Racer & I went downtown yesterday and talked to a business that does T-shirts. We're in the process of ordering t-shirts  with the new logo on it!


One more kitten show tonight! ~8pm EDT


nip poster
Paddy Purr has a nip problem.