Monday, May 2, 2011

Shave and a Haircut

The new kitten Dunakin has joined the group of 12 already. He knew exactly what to do to get "his way" to play with the other kittens--mew, mew, mew and more mews! So, now he's happy having a big group of "siblings". We had the new audio on the web-cam a few times yesterday. The audio and new cam seem to be working very nicely. Racer has been very busy updating pictures and videos which you all will be able to see. Brought Oliver in from Cat's Cove for his spring grooming job. He now sports a bald belly area and perfectly groomed fur. He has the longest fur of any cat I've ever seen. Now all 3 of the long haired cats are done--Oliver, Gus & Fabio. Grommit is doing wonderful-just a slight stiffness in his back right leg. Zander is a very graceful 3 legged cat with the most handsome eyes ever. Raza's 6 kittens are growing fast and round. Our next 2 Meet & Greets will be May 14 & May 28. This is when the Rescue Center and A Labor of Love Dog Rescue join up for a morning of extra showing of dogs and cats. We will combine both of these with a garage sale. Also remember the BIG garage/craft/bake sale on June 9th thru 11th in Bryan, Ohio. This event will have a finale on June 12th, ending with a Volunteer Appreciation Day here at the Rescue Center, starting at 2:00.


"You woke me for this?"