Monday, May 9, 2011

What? Another Kitten Show Tonight? YES!

I am still here so there will be one more Kitten Show tonight at ~8pm EDT


We took in 3 more kittens. They were found by a friend ofthe Rescue center and so one has been named after her--GEORGIA. The other 2 are named IOWA and KANSAS after web-cam viewers. There's 2 girls, 1 boy. Georgia is black/white, Iowa is grey tiger with white socks & Kansas is grey/white. All 3 are so sweet. They possibly will be out and about tomorrow. Also took in a young cat, about 9 months old. His name is WILLIS. He's all white and so very sweet. He's already on the surgery schedule for tomorrow. Time permitting would also like to get RAZA spayed tomorrow. The kittens are spending more time out & about--sometimes they're just crazy acting kittens--so much fun. We had 2 BOXES also, both from MEDIC 101. Thanks so much for the 2 cases of Fancy Feast--seafood & variety pack. Definitely will be put to good use. The cats went out on the outdoor enclosure yesterday-it was so nice. We don't open the floor door, that way the little kittens don't have access yet--too small to go out there yet. Racer did another Kitten Show last night--always well received!


Tibby shows me how she feels about my being late with the blog today.