Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A good foundation

There truly are kittens everywhere! Hopefully today we will be getting 4-5 of them neutered/spayed, then they'll go up on petfinder.com. Thanks to Amy who takes the Petfinder pictures for us. The construction has started! The patio cement has been removed and the beginning of the water drain off system has started. Today they'll be removing the big tree stump and roots and getting the ground ready for the foundation cement pouring. We received money for TWO MORE $250 plaques. Anyone donating $250 or more will have their name on the outside of the new in-take room. The 2 people were Jack & Jackie Shishler (she's a Monday volunteer) and lovemeow.com. Thanks so much to both of you! We appreciate it. We also had good news from Werlor, the company that removes our trash. Over the years we have accepted any stray cats/kittens that they find. They said the bill we just paid will be our last as they are donating their services to us. How awesome! We did a weight check on all of the kittens yesterday and was very pleased. ALL the kittens had good weight gain except for Frisco. He stayed the same but is on track. Kurt William is doing so much better and is much more tolerant of the other cats now. He's so handsome. Octavia has a new trick now. She "thiefs" a packet of food, then goes and gives it to the kittens. No wonder they follow her around! Had the outdoor enclosure opened yesterday. One time I counted 17 cats/kittens out there! They love watching the bird feeders. The t-shirts with the new logo have been ordered, and should be done in about 2 weeks.


We also want to thank lovemeow.com for the great story they did on the rescue center. If you haven't see it check it out, and be sure to like their page on facebook.


Octavia of Loxley, photo mod by Bea Bittencourt