Saturday, May 14, 2011

Come meet the kitties and dogs!

Today is our Meet & Greet, combined with a garage sale, dog/cat food drive and towel drive for both the Rescue Center and A Labor of Love Dog Rescue. We will give you the details as to how it went later after it's over. We had boxes yesterday! We received a dozen Heinz baby food meat jars from an anonymous donor. If anyone would like to let me know who donated this, I'd appreciate it. We use a lot of this meat baby food, as it's helpful for our kittens, oldsters, and cats that are felling ill or recovering from something. Thanks so much. Bantry sent Temptations treats and Friskies Prime Filets. The cats love their treats! Octavia was sitting on the box even before it was opened! Mitty sent IAMS adult chicken food and 2 journals. I will make good use of the journals! A week ago, we were desperately low on adult dry cat food. That is no longer true, thanks to you web-cam viewers. We've received enough to get us by for a bit. You are ALL awesome! The group of 18 kittens are out and about most of the time, including night time. What fun they have. Never a dull moment around here. Tinker even discovered how to climb to the highest of the cat walks. I can't bear to watch! Raza's 6 kittens were out today for 2 one-hour sessions. They did terrific. Raza was also out. She loved being out in the outdoor enclosure. Then, all of a sudden, she came back in, went to her room, called her kittens, and that was it--they all went back in their room for a nap together! Asha has been playing with the kittens and with toys. Kurt William had his surgery yesterday and is doing very well. His right front leg was removed due to a complete radial nerve tear. He was down on the floor for a short exercise time last night, and he was able to run, no dragging leg to slow him down! That was wonderful to see. Dawn S. was here yesterday and tended to Albert's Garden. She planted many beautiful flowers. It looks so nice. Thanks Dawn. We have already received one estimate for the possible new addition (for a quarantine/intake room). When I get all the facts & figures ironed out, I'll pass on more info to you all. Recently Maiden Heaven sent something to me that I am passing on.
“Hoping you have a day filled with wonder & an evening filled with peace.”

Kurt William
Kurt William