Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going home :(

Hi everyone, this is Kurt, filling in for Jacci today on the blog. I am finally heading home this afternoon. I wish I could stay longer, but I will be back soon for the big fundraiser in June. Until then I will just have to get my kitty fix from the web-cam. As for whats going on at the rescue center, Lilly is doing much better and is back with her group and running and playing. Birk seems to be picking up a little today too, so hopefully she will be back to bouncing around the deck of her pirate ship in a few days. A new kitty came in last night with a badly broken leg, so it is being removed today. He is a very sweet cat, loves to play and be petted even with his injury. Other kitties visiting the clinic today are Raza, to be spayed, and Willis, who was neutered this morning. The States (Georgia, Iowa, and Kansas) are out of their pen and running around now too. They will eat meals with the other kittens today but spend one more night in Dodgers Pen, after which they will remain with the other kittens in the Cats Corner room.  

I just got the finalized earnings report for the ads that are shown on ustream. The rescue center made $344.31, so added to the Amazon referral fee for last month of $158.23, the total online income for April was $502.54! Remember, anytime you plan to shop on Amazon, use the link on the blog and the rescue center will get a percentage as an advertizing referral fee. Last month we had enough referrals to earn 7% of the total amount purchased from Amazon through our links. Ask your friends and family to do the same! It doesn't cost you anything more when you use our link, and every dollar is important for a small non-profit rescue center like FFRC, which receives no local, state, or federal government funding. Also please keep voting! With all the kittens running around here at the rescue center, that $1000 state prize will almost completely cover the cost of their spays and neuters.

Ok, I keep looking for more things to do or write about because I don't want to leave yet, but I really should get on the road since its a 4 hour drive. If I get home soon enough I will try to get the new Cat Tails videos that jacci made for DCTV on YouTube. Also be sure to check out all the pictures and video I took myself while visiting the rescue center on my flickr page (just the pictures are up now, the videos will be coming over the next week or so). Just click on the flickr logo that's at the side of the blog page. Thanks again to everyone that donated gas money and money for the new web-cam setup, I really appreciate it. Keep watching the 24/7 web-cam, and I will see you all again in June for more special kitten shows and an on-site live stream from the fundraiser!

"fine! go's home! sees if we care!"