Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Annabelle is out and about already!  She kept peeking out the window of Cat's Corner Room which is an indicator that she was curious and ready to explore. So.....her door was opened and within 2 minutes she was out! And she hasn't gone back in yet! It's so nice to see her climbing the trees and playing with the toys. She's still a little shy but each day is better. She really is enjoying the other cats. Today she was chasing a krinkle ball! 

We had another adoption! Sure love those adoptions. Our sweet Saseka was adopted to a family that has 2 boys. This family was here a few days ago and were so good with all of the cats. Saseka has a good home!

Breanna still goes in her room for night time but during the day she is out in the Main Area now. Even though she is slow, she certainly knows what she wants to do and does it. She finds her comfy beds just fine and her food and water. And she loves to be cuddled. Today she fell alseep with a batch of kitties in the poof pool--she sure looked happy.

We had BOXES Weds. night---we sure are grateful!
Zoolove/Pam--case of baby food
Jazz/Janet & Susan--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Mr. & Mrs. Medic--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Lannml--5 cases of appetizers
Phleblby/Barb W and Mr. Mutt--2 groom Genie brushes, 2 lg. jars of snackers for Coralie and friends. Plus a wonderful letter from Mr. Mutt, also his handsome picture
Plee/Pat L--4 cases of Fancy Feast
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Belinda M from FL--donation in honor of Derecho
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy BD to Whiskers and the chicken $5
Snoopybaby & Preakie--case of baby food, case of gravy lover packets, case of Fancy Feast & 3 pack of Clorox Wipes
Anonymous Friend--40 lb bag of Precious Cat
RoseSF6cats & Marble, Blacky, Brownie, Fluffy & Checkers--12 knitted Christmas mats with 2 flameless candles for each mat.

We have had visitors this week--Keiko was here and we so enjoyed her visit. She is now back home in CA.

We also have Joe and Warped here for a few days. And with them came a ton of wonderful handmade items from Warped.  She brought 48 filled stockings, 18 2-pack kickeroos, 6 warpedeedoos, 12 flannel blankets, 12 bowl holders, 24 potato bags, 4 awesome table toppers, 36 string angels & 19 warpies.  Not only that, they brought kitten food (canned & dry).  PLUS an awesome cart for us to use outdoors. Our climbing pole in the purple office has become barely covered with rope--Joe brought us a whole reel to replace it!  Many many thanks.

This Rescue Center is so blessed to have so many people that help us by providing wonderful items for us to have for Flash Sales, PawMart and our Fun-Raisers. We could not do these fundraisers without your help. I thank you.

We also have more thanks!
NeedtoRetire---donation to FFRC
Thomas W--donation for FFRC
Rebecca W from IL--donation to FFRC in memory of Mary, for her mom's birthday. 
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Sharon C--doantion for FRC
David P--donation for FFRC

We have things pretty up to speed for preparing for winter (I think!).  We have all the straw and hay and horse bedding in. Also the grain for all the geese, peacocks, turkeys, ducks and guineas. The electric water bowls are ready to be plugged in when needed. The red lights are in place. The Porchie Haven, Covie Haven and the FireHouse are spic and span and have blankets in them for warm sleeping areas.  Salt tubs are full and snow shovels are in place. We are also in the process of covering the frame of the big wood swingset---this will become a feeding station for some of the many FireHouse Cats.  In the meantime, we're enjoying this beautiful Fall weather!

It appears we have a new Covie cat! Remember Nikka, the brown tiger teenager cat that arrived this summer? She's a very shy girl. In the mornings she eats with the FireHouse Cats. And then one evening, she decided to join the Covies---so up the fence and over she went. Normally there's enough slack in the fence that animals can't climb it, but she's small enough that she was able to. Getting back out is not an option---she can't climb out. And she obviously doesn't want to----she appears very happy to be a Covie! And the Covies are happy with their new friend. So....she stays! 

Last night was our Warped Flash Sale! 95% of the items were handmade by Warped. I would just like to say a big thanks to her for all the hard work and the love she puts into her items. Another thanks to Lynnette for helping with this sale.And to all of our FFRCNation for helping us with our Flash Sales, Fun-Raisers, your votes, your support in many ways. Our mods also play a big part of making the Fun-Raisers and Flash Sales successful. I sure appreciate them too! I am one very grateful person. This particular Flash Sale will go towards our General Fund. Just in last night's sales, it came to $2023!! Thanks again, Warped!

Thirteen more days to Thanksgiving!