Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday, November 6

Incoming coming! Just received an email from the 2 rescue ladies who are helping the cats in Puerto Rico. This is where our Polly came from.  We have agreed to take on Annabelle who is a beautiful calico girl. This Puerto Rico rescue organization does a wonderful TNR program. Sometimes they come across an exceptionally nice cat (such as Polly) that they would rather not return to be on their own.  And then they came across Annabelle. She has been in a foster home for about a month or so to help her "convert" to indoor living. The last video I had of her she was kneading away on a soft blankie! She will arrive at the airport this evening, close to midnight. Steve and I will be picking her up and then will head home. Hope to be back here about 1:30 am perhaps? 

And then there's another cat that we've agreed to take on. It's a CH kitten, gold tiger with a name of Spike. He comes from Fat Cat Rescue in Chicago. He's just a kitten, uses the litterbox (!), eats just fine by himself.  Sounds like he will be arriving on Tuesday, the 8th. your hearts for another one! 

We've had 5 adoptions since last blog!  First, our two sister/brother were adopted together--Sintel and Janna.  Janna was initially picked and then this family couldn't bear to let her brother here. Sintel did a good job--kept rubbing on the crate's door!  

And then Tiyani was adopted to our moderator and friend, Gem. Tiyani is the one that had that very large cuterebra in his neck. He's such a happy kitten--full of love and courage. I've seen a video already of him exploring his new home!

And then........Joey left for his new home this morning! And much to our happiness, Todd joined them and so both were adopted by Jenny and Brent. They are on their way home to Canada right now. Montana and Crew are awaiting their new brother's arrivals. Joey has been here for almost 3 years. He came here from living in a basement in a cage then to FFRC and now to a wonderful, loving home. He has "made it"---has found his special home. While I miss him already, my heart is filled with gratitude for this chance of having his very own home. 

Mama and her 6 babies are doing wonderful. They are working on obtaining that "FFRC belly look" rather quickly.  It's amazing what getting rid of hundreds of fleas and having water and food can do to the general welfare of health.  They are now down on the floor in the back Thumper's Room and running around on speedy wheels! So much fun to watch!  Mama just watches them--she is a very proud mom. 

Breanna continues to visit in the Main Area and appears to be enjoying herself. She goes back into the Cat's Corner Room some during the day and for all night. She sure enjoys eating too!

We had BOXES on Friday---you all are awesome and much appreciated!
Alice & Lou/Twocats--4 cases Fancy Feast, 1 case Friskies, 3 cases Snackers
Kiekokat--4 tubs snackers, 1 lg bag Bonito flakes, 2 rotisserie chickens!
Jo3100--3 cases Friskies, 1 tub snackers
Anonymous Friend--case of Temptation snackers
Justme--4 cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Friday Mary, vol--bleach, bag of Beyond dry, 5 Muse bowls, lots of Joene packets, 15 cans FF

We also have thanks to give here too:
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation to help with the care of mama & her 6 babies
Billie K--donation to help with mama and her 6 babies
Becky M, Monday vol--donation to help where it is needed
Ruth D--donation to help with the new family of 7. 
Fran D--donation for Feliz Navidad Fun in honor of Coralie & others and in honor of her birthday (11/6--today!)   Happy Birthday, Fran!
Gill H from UK--donation in honor of those that record boxes for YouTu

Jenny & Brent from Canada--a boatload car full of items--plates, cups, G2 drinks, vinegar, 13 gal. trash bags, lysol/clorox wipes--we super appreciate their generosity.  They also made a donation in honor of SONJA for taking care of their kitties while they are here visiting!

Remember how I always say if there's an error that I have made, to let me know?  Well, this morning I heard a soft knock, knock, knock on the door. It was Muffin from the Cove. She apparently asked Anthony for permission to come up and talk to me.  The list I made on the last blog of our oldsters accidently left her name out! She wanted a correction. Muffin's birthday is 7/1/2003 so she is 13 years old.  And back to the Cove Muffin went! 

Jordaan made a trip to the vets office this week as he needed to be neutered.  We will not have an FFRC surgery time for November as Dr. Darcy had to have a finger fracture repaired. We will though have a December FFRC date! She is recovering nicely.

Tomorrow, Monday, is our HumaneOhio Transport day. We have about 43 cats signed up for spays/neuters. We always know a few will not show up as most of these are outside cats and sometimes hard to catch.'s a wonderful day anytime we can do these spays/neuters! Check in is at 5:30 am!  Another busy day.