Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2017

There goes Eddie White again---he's everywhere now in the Rescue Center and has made lots of friends. Sure didn't take him long to be very comfortable. He's been napping on my desk now every morning when I do my computer work. Curled right up on a cozie bed! 

And Annabelle--she has adjusted so quickly too. Each day she is playing more with the other cats. She really likes to climb the trees too.  Breanna is out all day long and just goes to her room for night time. 

Mama and babies are doing wonderful! There's nothing thin about the babies anymore! It's so nice to see skinny hungry kitties getting their fill of food and putting some weight on. They dive right into their plates! And mama too is becoming so shiny and more filled out. 

We have a food hound amongst us! And that would be Alice Mary! She now is almost 7 months old. We weighed her this morning and..........(drum roll please!)...she is now 3.09!  This is the most she has ever weighed.  Hoping to keep going forward with her now.  She has the sweetest way of asking for more food---she will sit at your feet, look right up at you and meow a pitiful little meow, which means in a lion voice FEED ME NOW PLEASE! Love her much!

We also have a new kitten. Her name is Teanna. She arrived here on November 5 at 3 1/2 weeks of age.  Her birthday is 10/12/16. She has been with Peggy S for a while now and is doing wonderful. She had went 2 days with no food and came here absolutely yelling at us that her tummy needed food!  Made us smile when she gulped down her formula. She's eating real good now by herself and will be joining the other kittens soon. 

We had BOXES on Saturday evening. Always know that FFRC is grateful!
Teresa H from IN--dontion to FFRC
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Zoolove--case of Nellies laundry soap, 2 boxes of Landies Candies (choc. pretzels) Very yum!
LJ--2 opened bags of Sunkist fruit gems, 2 soft blankies & 9 of LJ's FFRC Fur Felt Creations!
Ruth D--a box of goodies that she won and passed on--cat related!  Bandanas, paper clips, magnet, kitty cloth pad, note pad, wallpaper picture art---will see at a Flash Sale!
Dave & JUlie--case of Ziwi Peak trucker food
Keiko--lg bag of Bonito flakes, 24 cans tuna, 47 jars baby food, 18 cans of sardines
Anonymous Friend--bag of Precious cat litter
Pablo--potty bags, 3 gals water, 2 packs of pocket dividers
Judy & Phil--20 cans Halo food, 5 packs post it notes, decorative cat dish
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Maite from Spain--donation for FFRC in honor of the Paddys
Zoolove--donation in memory of Sesame 
MJ --coupons

We had another 2 adoptions! Our sweet Keana was adopted by our friend Pablo! I saw a picture yesterday of Keana and Frankie both on the bed napping close by each other! Keana is an extra sweet kitten. Saseka went to her new home too.  Hoping to hear from this family today.
Saseka was one of the grey kittens.

We have a special Flash Sale coming up---it's November 28 and is loaded with awesome Christmas items. This Flash Sale will be done by Mich.  Because we've had more Flash Sales recently, we are skipping the monthly Fun-Raiser.  We will keep you posted as to the time of the 11/28 sale.  Here's an upcoming date you may want to make note of:  December 4-7 will be our next Fun-Raiser. Some really awesome items, including a giant smart TV, a 64 gb iPad, an iPhone 6, a wonderful handmade cat bed by Tom and Kerswill---just to name a few items! More info later!

Take care and have a wonderful week. I have a nice little booklet of nice sayings that I keep close to my desk. Eddie White reached out and put his paw on one.  It says: "The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren't very lovable."  I love this.  Have you ever lost a friend because he/she didn't believe in the same things you do?  I have and it hurts.  But, having friends that love you and care about you just because you are you, are the best! Let's extra appreciate those friends!  I'll give Eddie White an extra hug today!