Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 27, Sunday

The cats should look like turkeys, as much turkey as they got to eat! Every once in a while, I do think I hear a gobble, gooble!  Now, on to Christmas.

We have had 3 adoptions this weekend!
Ramsey left Friday morning with Mary Braid, our vol. I know beyond a doubt this kitten will be loved to pieces! 
Bertha also left Friday. She went to a family that was very excited to adopt her! Such a sweet kitten.
MJ was adopted on Saturday---I can imagine that she has fit in right away and will be so happy.

We had BOXES on Friday night---so very grateful to you!
Patchesmommi/Angel & Patches--coupons, box tops, pop tabs & milk rings, 2 bags of snackers
Anne-in-UK--Purse charms, keychains & bookmarks all made by Anne.  THemes: horses, owls, pawprints, kitties, dolphins & music
Kiwi from NZ--Christmas card with note, BIrds of New Zealand calendar--it's beautiful
Jane W/calico from ME--kitty card with note
June/painteddaisy--kitty card and sponsorhsip of Joyful
Charlotte/needtoretire--Thanksgiving card
CherylAnn--Thanksgiving card
Sophieandlucysdad/Mike---coupons for FFRC
Elaine & Alan from FL--Bear & Lighthouse card & 2 bags of Purina One Cat
Joyce A from CA--donation to FFRC
Dorothy C from MD--donation to FFRC
Shelly M from NC--Eddie White info! 
Katie L from Canada--lots and lots of volunteer snackers & teas, coffees--our shelf looks great!

And more thanks!
Sue M/Mac&Cheese&Doodles mom--donation for FFRC and donation for spay/neuter fund.
Ryan S from Romania--donation to FFRC
JanefromTN--donation to FFRC
David & Christine and Miyu, Yuki & Anya--donation to FFRC & for Trucker & friends for chicken!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Ingrid from Netherlands--donation for Koda

Cookbooks! We have sold over half already! They are $18 and make a fabulous gift for Christmas. They are just filled with wonderful recipes! If you'd like to order, please go to our website at and click onto PawMart.  Or simply send a paypal to FFRC with cookbook in the message box. 

Tomorrow is a special day---we have our Christmas Flash Sale. Many items are Christmas related or would make great gifts! Mich will start about noonish! Check out the video of the items that will show up on our cam periodically today and tomorrow morning. Fun times ahead!

We took in a new cat yesterday. This sweetie sure needs some TLC.  She showed up at someone's house, absolutely so dirty, major fleas, super thin and with a very sore front leg. She also shows some respiratory distress that we are watching carefully. We have named her Keryn which is pronounced care-RIN--it's a Name  Cat name. Her heart is so gentle and she just purrs and purrs. She had a much needed bath. Most of her time has been spent napping or eating and purring. 

All is good out on the farmyard. The cats certainly are enjoying their red heat lights. Right now we turn them on at night and off during the day. When it's colder weather, they will stay on 24/7.  It's interesting, some of the grey barn cats have decided they love the Porchie Haven. And that is all fine. Markus, the newest Covie acts like he's been there forever. He's fit in perfectly. The new boy, Nikka is also doing well. While he won't let us touch him, he knows we are his food people and so allows us to get somewhat close. 

Terry is an absolute nut--he's crazy about his early morning snackers. Magic too. He could be sleeping and when he hears Lisa starting the treat routine, he zooms to her like a speedy boy. Some of the cats are still going out in Bella's Place---the outdoor enclosure. They certainly let us know when they want to come in---their meow-er is loud!

Mandisa is doing great. What a sweet girl. She's almost like a Asher look alike but much different personality! Asher is a busy boy, also sweet but loves the action. Mandisa is a slower pace girl who enjoys quiet times with people and kitty friends!

Great news---Jones and Sea Turtle continue to do well. They are both amazing and perfect for our PawMart store. Dodger's Pen door is open and the purple spiral furniture is beside it---it gives the kittens a perfect ladder to zip in and out and up and down. Such busy kittens---all 6 of them are growing and have nice round tummies! Their new friend Delight fits right in with them.

Take care all and have a wonderful, peaceful Sunday!