Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday, November 20

What a crazy week it's been. Lots of happenings!  Let's see if we can get everyone caught up! 

Our new cats:
Delight--long hair black/tiger kitten, female, 11 weeks old. She was found outside on Friday at someone's porch, right before that storm. She's a sweetie and is already playing with the group of 6 kittens here in the Main Area.

Rosemary--once known as Bones. She is one of the cats rescued from a hoarding problem at TCP of Michigan. She and the others have been taking refuge at a shelter for 3 months while the court proceedings were taking place. As of last week, all kittens were 100% relinquished and now homes can be found! We have had "dibbies" on Rosemary for a long time and now she is here. Many of the cats are already finding their new home. I'm so happy for them. Rosemary was a youngster when she was found in a field, probably injured from farming equipment. Her legs were severed. She now is a 2 legged cat and is doing wonderful. She's a marshmallow and loves to be loved on. Rosemary is 6 years old. She does fine with the litterbox and gets around just fine. She is in Cat's Corner Room and will be in the Main Area soon enough! I'm thankful to Joni and Michele for working so hard to help these cats go from a sad place to being able to find homes. She is a white calico.

Prance--a beautiful black/white cat. We've already mentioned Prance in the previous blog....but wow--what a gem! She obviously knows what a home is as she has slipped inside my house several times. She goes inside and wanders around. When she sees a person--plop--over she goes for a tummy rub! And what a purr engine she has! She is already on hold for Cheri and Bob who have adopted from us before. Her new name will be Maggie Mae. 

Trill, another new cat is doing awesome. He seems to be comfortable now and is enjoying all the new friends. Peggy is fostering a kitten for FFRC. Her name is Treanna. She's a little brown tiger, about 5 weeks old now. She will be here soon to stay---already knows the group of 6 kittens.  

We have thanks to give---we had BOXES on Weds. evening.
Jatcat--2 cat dancers, 4 replacement pks for the turbo scratchers
Katie L--tub of Temptations & Party Mix, 4 boxes Appetizers, 2 cases Purrfectly Fish
Stephanie & Christopher--Christmas card with donation, comfy Cabana full of toys, balls, giant coils, catnip critters, crinkle owl & snackers
Madisonpepper--2 Christmas houses for kitties to play--Castle & Winter Wonderland
Dottie C--case of 9-Lives, snackers, Color your own Puzzle, 8 pretty boxes with earrings for flash sale, her kitty Ann's blankie for an adoption kitty, special dry food. For the vols: 4 boxes Belvita biscuits. a 40 x 42 afghan called Calamity Jane for Fun Raiser
KZNCO--kitty card, cards for FFRC's use & postage stamps, 3 kitty potholders made by the weavers guild--so beautiful
Wanda, our Portrait friend--a check for $400 for commissions she has had and NYCBird donated 3 gift certificates of $200 each for a Portrait by Wanda (fun-raiser!)
SissyP--donation to FFRC
Neuromom & David--donation to FFRC
Ollie the Hooligan--coupons
Tracy L from OH--coupons
Dan & Joy D--Thanksgiving card & donation to FFRC
Ruffles/Diane--Thanksgiving card
Jeanette B--2 bags of Precious cat litter

Have you still been voting for FFRC?  Hope so! Time is getting down to the finish. Please help us by voting daily! As of this moment, we have  122,774.  Wow.  The site is:   I appreciate the votes for FFRC.

We've heard from the mama of Sparkey and Friskey! The boys are doing great and are much loved! Sounds like both are ornery and so sweet. They have found a wonderful home! The pictures show 2 happy, healthy boys.

And we have more thanks to give!
Melvin S--donation to FFRC
Purple/Nancy--donation to be used for postage for the cookbooks
Vaun--donation to be used for shipping the cookbooks
David T from OH--donation for FFRC

Yes! The cookbooks are in and they are fantastic. There are 594 recipes and many categories. The pictures of FFRC cats that are in the book are super. The entire set up of the cookbook is great. And so so many thanks to give that I'm afraid I'll miss some names. So, on pp-3 of the cookbook, please make note of all the people who helped. But, I would like to extend a special thanks to Svcathy and Purple who put in many hours of work on this project.  It was truly a monumental job and so many people helped make this possible. I thank each and every one of you! 

The cookbooks are for sale at $18. You can simply go to paypal and send the $18 to FFRC. Or you can go to our website and go into our PawMart store and order it that way. I believe you'll enjoy all the recipes. And they would make great Christmas gifts too! 

We have had 4 adoptions! 
Vienna and Dorothy went to the same home! A lady came here two weeks ago and made a softie out of Vienna! She had come with the hopes of adopting 2--a kitten and an adult. She chose Dorothy to go home with her too. I talked to her 2 days ago and the cats were curled up together on the couch. 

Djak went to her new home yesterday! Her new mama wanted a cat that would be a lap kitty and that certainly is Djak. The other one that left yesterday was Dancer. She wasn't here very long and had fit in so quickly due to her great personality! Both kittens went to wonderful homes. 

Matima is now at a foster home---probably not a permanent home......yet. This is the mama to the 6 kittens. There is no way that she can be in the Main Area. She is definitely not a "cat" cat. Rather, she prefers humans. But, that presents a problem in that we simply could not bring her in the Main Area. I'm working on a permanent home for her. She's quite happy where she is and seems to have settled in nicely already.

Iams is wonderful! They completed their service project for us! Yesterday they delivered the 6 outdoor cat houses for us. They are wonderful.  24 inch x 24 inch and high enough to have 2 levels in them. The roof raises for easy cleaning. Nice and comfy for winter sleeping and feeling secure. 2 went into the new Feeding Station area, 2 behind that Feeding Station and 2 behind the shed near the firepit.  This is the area where we have so many cats outside.  Between these houses, the Feeding Station and the FireHouse, I feel we have the needs of these cats covered now. As of right now, 100% of these cats are spayed and neutered!

Take care and have a peaceful Sunday.