Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weds., November 16, 2017

That Franklin Thomas! He's like a kitten in an adult cat body! So active, likes to pick and run, chase after the cats and have all of the toys for himself---whatever others are playing with, he wants! And then when we say Franklin Thomas---he looks at us so sweetly innocently.  His pet name is Frankie Tommy. He's a great cat though and is very much adoptable!

Big "happening" coming up! Our Cookbooks will soon be delivered! The cost for the books will be $18. As soon as they arrive, we will show them to you and put them up for sale. All you will need to do is send in a check or paypal, designating your wish.  So exciting!

We have another Flash Sale coming up--the date is November 28, a Monday. This one will be a Mich sale and be full of wonderful Christmas items among other things! When we get a time, we'll pass that on to you.

December 5 is our next HumaneOhio Transport surgery date. We have December 10 as our next FFRC surgery date. We skipped having a Fun-Raiser for November but the one scheduled for December is the 4th to the 7th.  

Our Feeding Station is done! The wooden swingset is now partially enclosed. We used some leftover wood that we had to cut costs but it's really nice. We already have seen cats napping and using it. There's a Kuranda Tower in it and a bench, chair and wooden cat house also, all for sleeping. The platform has their dry food.  This will give the many outside cats another place to have shelter and to eat when the weather is bad.  It's right behind the Fire Circle, by the FireHouse. 

We have taken on 2 more cats. 
Trill--he is a deep orange, American Shorthair male, about 9 months old. He was found in a volunteer's neighborhood. Trill came with earmites and fleas. What a very handsome cat he is. Such a very dark orange. His birthday is 2/14/16.

Prance--what a pretty black/white girl. She was brought here by a neighbor who found her at her front door desperately trying to get inside the house. Prance has not stopped purring yet, even during her bath her motor was going. Her nose is so cute--a solid black button with a white muzzle. Her birthday is 9/7/15, making her 14 months old. 

Our 6 babies and mama have names----finally!  
Matimba--mama, brown American Shorthair
Q-tip--male, grey, white tip tail
Harvey--male, grey
Hoover--male, grey
Louisa, female, grey
Lamula, female brown tiger  (pronounced La Mew La)
Kelvin--male brown tiger

These kittens are now 6 weeks old and are so very active. Harvey is always trying to get out the door. Louisa would follow him in a second! We are trying to find a home for Matimba quickly. She does not do well with other cats which makes it difficult to move the kittens along in their development with other cats. Hoping to have something in place next week sometime. She's a beauty with a super sweet personality. In the meantime we will continue to see if we can incorporate her into a more cat-social mama. 

Friday we have 2 cats going to the vets office for their spays---Endure and Dancer. Larry and Donna will take them. Larry and Donna have been transporting our cats back and forth to the vets for years and we sure appreciate it. 

Dancer had arrived after our last FFRC's surgery date in October. She actually came to us from Dr. P's office and was found at a pole barn dance.  Endure has been seen by Dr. Darcy several times and has had the leg amputation already. We were going to have her spayed last month but she still had a bit of nasal congestion so we had elected to wait. She is now ready and doing great. She is actually playing now which is such a joy to see.

See you at BOXES this evening at 5:30!