Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Annabelle is here! What a beautiful calico girl she is. She handled her flight from Puerta Rico just fine! She is 8 months old. She is now in the front Cat's Corner Room--checking us out, getting use to American life and hearing our voices and receiving lots of love.  Here is her story that we will pass on to her future adopter:

"My name is Annabelle. I'm 8 months old and I came from Puerto Rico all the way here to find my forever home. I'd like to tell you my story.
I was abandoned at a cat colony while I was still very young. The man that feeds the cats in the colony can barely take care of himself due to his extreme lack of resources; the life for us all was very, very, hard. There were so many cats around and I was being picked on. I was so scared. Luckily for some of us, some ladies came to help and took us in. We were spayed, received vet care and were well fed.
I went to foster care with some other kitties from the colony. But I was still so confused by being abandoned that I remained shy for a while. Then, my foster siblings were sent to other places to be adopted and I started to relax and to show my true self.
I love to lick people's hands, to knead and to follow my human around. I love to nap by your side and to give head bumps. I'm also good with other cats and I played with my new friends at my foster home, but as I was bullied, I may be shy at first. My favorite toys are kickers! I'll take those and drag them around. I am very cooperative."

So.........Annabelle has a home here until we can find her forever home. We'll let her decide when she's ready to join in the Main Area.

There has been a change of plans for our new CH kitten that was to arrive. The transporter has had a family death and so we will reschedule this when things settle down. His name is Spike but since we've had a Spike before, we shall call him Spiker. He's an orange kitten. Spiker will be loved and be able to be the kitten that he is. More info later.

We have thanks to give! I always love this part!
Jack D--donation to FFRC for Tomi's birthday!
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Susan G--donation for a happy birthday to Tomi
Janet K--donation for FFRC to be used wherever needed
Brenda R from VA--donation for FFRC, use as needed

Names coming soon for our new mama and her 6 babies. Oh my goodness, what a difference already seen with these kittens. While mama is still on the thin side, her babies are sporting a nice roundness to their tummies! And playing like crazy kitties do! A very sweet bunch of kitties and mama too. The healthier she gets, the more her American Shorthair look is coming out in her--so pretty. 

An awesome day we had yesterday. And the reason for that is because it was a spay/neuter day!
Our HumaneOhio transport day went very well. Check ins went smoothly. We had 38 cats on board the neuter/spay truck! That was made up of 28 females and 10 males. Love getting these cats done and love seeing that truck full. Check outs went pretty smooth--all back at their homes now.  Here's our number count so far for the year:

On 10/17, we had done 455 cats and 4 dogs.  Now, we can add 28 females and 10 males. Also we take into account how many spays/neuters we've had done thru our voucher program. We can add 15 females and 8 males to our total. Our voucher program is where we have people make their own appointments and do their own travel to HumaneOhio and we give them a voucher so they have a nice discount off of the surgeries. And last week, we sent 1 cat to the vet's for his neuter.  So..........our grand total as of today is 309 females and 207 males and 4 dogs that FFRC has helped.  That comes to 516 cats!  

My favorite thing I've seen is still this:  Know how to safe 100 cats lives?  Simply spay or neuter 1 cat!  Let's keep this spay/neuter program going!!  Our December schedule is almost full already! 

Know what's coming up? A Flash Sale by Warped! You all already know the awesome things that Warp makes--just super wonderful items! She will be bringing some newly made things with her---40 some stockings, table toppers and lots of her warped string angels! And there's still more!  This Flash Sale will be Thursday evening at 7:00 pm-ish.  We like doing different times so that we can share the fun times!

Breanna is just amazing! We have her out in the Main Area more and more. It's not unusual for her to just cruise about! She may be slow but she's mighty! The other cats are kind to her and she seems very content. She loves to eat and she so enjoys her soft beds. 

Guess who is my new desk friend!!  It's Joyful! Yes, our sweet shy girl is becoming more and more brave. I've even seen her letting visitors pet her. So nice to see her happier with herself--she had a lot to overcome from her hard past. If you're walking thru the Rescue Center and feel a cat throwing herself at your legs.....that would be Bonnie! She grabs those legs and hangs on (no nails though!). Of course she expects to be picked up and loved. And Endure---if you want a sweet hug, just pick her up. She has a wonderful way of laying her head on your shoulder and totally relax in your arms. Love these cats!