Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, 11/24/16

Happy Thanksgiving to our entire FFRCNation.  It's a day of feeling a gratitude for the things in our lives. I am grateful for my family and home and for each of you. Our FFRCNation is a wonderful group of caring people who, in my opinion, have hearts of gold. Enjoy this day in joy and peace.

We had BOXES last night! YOU are appreciated! 
Carla M/cj500--10 cat toy gift bags--1 kickaroo/2 coils each, 30 crocheted kitty crate blankies
Stinkygreykitty--blue "Paddy Cap" from Ireland, Merry Kissmouse note with adopt stickers & 7 adopt pins.
Laura S with Sophie, Kevin & Fosters--photos of her kitties-12 days of Christmas Cats towel, 9 cases Whiskas
Mary H/Fri vol--5 boxes appetizers, some are special ones for Jolene
Butterfly Class -Belgium--8 yarn angels, 2 framed pictures with kitties/duck/roosters and 5 printed pillows--kitties, sheep, chickens, kitties & horses--all made by the students!
Zoolove/Pam--lg. lighted ceramic Christmas tree with timer, 2 ceramic snowmen, silicone lighted kitty--really neat!, 2 amazon fire tablets for fun-raiser!
Trudy from OH--donation to FFRC
Susan F from CA--Christmas donation in honor of Barbara W
Hannah, our sweet IN friend, her parents Jenny & Andy--Kitty Thanksgiving card
Elaine & Alan B from FL--still giftingh Little Kat's allowance to FFRC (& with a raise!)
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Thanksgiving card with 4 Turkey $5 (will get them a turkey to share!)
Shannon S--donation for the spay/neuter program!
Sharon Y from UK--donation to FFRC
Jeanette B--2 bags of Precious cat litter

Our wonderful Cookbook Vol 3 is doing great. We've sold alot but still have many on the shelves....just for you!  They make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays! Check out PawMart on our website purchase them this way. They are $18. 

Please keep up the voting for our Eagle Rare Life contest. Voting goes to Jan. 4th. Nothing is guaranteed yet in this contest, so every vote is important. The cats and I deeply appreciate this. The site is:

Want to have some fun on Monday?  That's our next Flash Sale. It's at noon this time, by Mich. We are trying to "shake up the time" a bit so we reach all of our FFRC friends! This sale has many things that are for Christmas and for gifts. Plus, of course, some leggydews and biggiedews!  

The 6 kittens and Delight are now out all the time except for nighttime. They still go into Cat's Corner Room along with Breanna.  Breanna had a couple rough days last week--just could tell the world wasn't quite right with her. The last few days have been better with her walking about more and eating good. 

Prance, aka Maggie Mae, another new cat, is doing wonderful. She went to Dr. P's office on Monday and got a clean bill of health! She is a loverbug! Rosemary also went for her physical and did just fine. She has a bacterial ear infection but that should be easy to get control of.  She is awesome---she climbs the 3 steps that we have here in the Main Area--up and down with ease! And she so loves to be loved on! 

We have a few more adoptions coming up--they will happen on Friday and Saturday. The cats that will be going to their new homes are Ramsey, Bertha and MJ.  So happy for these 3 great cats. 

Phoebe will be going to the vet's office on 12/7.  She will have a thorough looking over of her nasal passageway and throat area.  She continues to have very thick nasal drainage and such a snoring sound she can make! We just want to make sure that there's no polyps or anything there obstructing her airway. She will have her sinuses flushed, x-rays will be done and a very good look at her soft palate. 

Eddie White is here in the office with me, playing with a ping pong ball. He's loving it--batting it and then chasing it. He visits me alot on the desk to "help" me! 

Bits and pieces:  The 6 new outdoor cat houses are being used! Once a week they will receive fresh soft blankets. I'm very happy at how quick they discovered them.  Matimba, the mama to the 6 kittens, is doing great. We always knew she was people friendly, just not cat friendly. She's happy and after Thanksgiving, I will be able to look for a permanent home for her. Temporarily, she is in a foster home with no other cats.    I've heard from the family that has Stevie, Vincent and Felix--the last 3 CH cats that were adopted. All is well and all are happy!  Oh--and Vienna and Dorothy are fine! Vienna is enjoying the lap now and Dorothy is comfortable enough to join her family on the couch. 

You might see a calico with a bushy tail flitting by on the cam---that would be Annabelle! She is now comfortable and loves to play. Her favorite thing is to climb the palm trees--she just enjoys playing! Trill too is now comfortable. He has been playing with Eddie White. 

Have you noticed Joyful? She's turning into Miss Socialite! She is letting visitors rub her tummy and pet her head. She's even been enjoying her grooming more and more. It's so wonderful to see her enjoying life. She loves the Kitty Kabana. 

You all enjoy your Thanksgiving Day. Willie Nelson once said: "When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around"  Wishing you a day filled with those realizations of blessings.