Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30, Weds.

Wow--what a Magnificent, Mega, Massive Flash Sale we had Monday afternoon!  Such Monumental thanks to Mich and Lynnette for doing the sale, to the Mods for their help, to all the people who provided the items and to those that purchased the items. You all deserve a Mountainous  pat on the back! And you have made a Mighty difference to this Rescue Center! This Flash Sale is a Mammoth help to us and will go towards our general operational needs and our ever incurring vet bills. Hang onto your seat---this sale made a Miraculous amount  of $2,874!  So to you all, Many thanks!  

And we have more thanks to give!
Shelley M--donation to FFRC
Robin H & hubby & 2 cats--2 bags of Purina 1
Christian J from OH--donation to FFRC
Lisa P--donation in honor of an internet friend, Lana
Janet M--doantion to FFRC
Jacksmom--donation to FFRC for GIving TUesday!

And more thanks!
Jatcat--4 green great beds for the new Feeding/Sleeping station for the outside cats
Judy & Phil--lysol wipes, dixie bowls, 6 inch paper plates
Bob B--bag of kidney care cat food
Mich--packets of tuna for Sea Turtle, wash clothes

Just a reminder---if you ever have a question or concern or "wonderment", please never hesitate to ask.  Sometimes things can be fixed quickly or concerns calmed.  It's always ok to email me. 

Keryn, the new cat, is doing better. She's clean, has no fleas now, is on antibiotics and soreness meds. Her respirations are still a concern as is her gimpy leg. We will have Dr. Darcy check her but in the meantime rest is needed and food.  Keryn is so sweet--just absolutely loves to be petted.

We took on 3 new kittens. And of course, they are soooo cute!
Betsy--brown tiger.  Once there were 3 kittens, a family found homes for 2 but couldn't plae Betsy so brought to FFRC. She is a sweetie and has a motor like a semi truck already! Her birthday is 10/10/16.

Ethel & Lucy--found together, brought to FFRC.  These 2 girls are obviously sisters. Ethel is a grey tiger with super thick fur--so soft. Lucy is a very long hair grey and white with the cutest face. We put these two girls as 7 weeks also and with the same birthday--10/10/16. 

These 3 kittens have had their tests, baths, worming, capstar and their Bordatella vaccine.  Their names are from the Name a Cat list. They are in the back Thumper's Room with short visits on the floor until we get their first distemper vaccines in them, which will be today. Won't be long until they are here in the Main Area.  

Little Breanna is doing good. While some days she is extra slow, most days she gets herself to the water bowl and food dishes. She sure enjoys eating. I will be thrilled when I see her play. It's so sweet when one of the cats, especially Derecho, lays beside her. We put her frequently into the litterbox and most times she does potty! 

Woodrow just zoomed by with a piece of old mouse fur toy in his mouth---his look on his face was---don't anyone dare to take this from me!  Little Delight is napping here on the desk, along with PaddyPurr and Vernon and Hensley---one big bunch of furriness!  Elsie and Magic are playing like crazy--so fun to watch. Coralie's watching them with an expression that she thinks napping is much better! 

Check out the new Christmas banner for Chatters!  Thanks, Adrian! 

All is good here. Cats are healthy and happy. The volunteers are awesome. And there goes Harvey zooming by too in hot pursuit by Hoover. The fun of being a kitten!