Saturday, June 18, 2011

Almost done painting!

Progress continues on the new addition. The walls are now done inside. Doors are up but need painted. Cabinets, toilet, sinks will be going in soon. It looks so bright and clean. Thanks to Racer, Connie K and Curt for all their help painting yesterday. We got a lot done and hopefully will get all the painting done this weekend. We're also working hard on the Catathon. Things are coming together for this HUGE event. Remember to mark your calendars for July 24th from 1:00 to 4:00, right here on our web-cam! This event is our big fundraiser for the new addition and should be fun to watch. All is fine here. The kittens and cats are all so healthy, energetic and just plain sweet! Have a possible adoption today. Have a few kittens that people have inquired about also. We received a wonderful gift to the rescue center from Quayside. It's a Cuisinart hand mixer. We will use this for all the mixing that we do when we make up the kitten's baby formula "concoction"! This will help immensely with the stirring process. Thank you Quayside! Thanks too to Susan G. for your fun gift to the cats--6 organic catnip banana toys. They love them! The catnip in these bananas are super strong smelling, which the cats love. Because of the big painting job last night, we did not get the new boxes opened. So...tonight we will open BOXES! We have 4 boxes that arrived from PETCO. We'll open these between 4:00-5:00 this afternoon. Putter loves his new cushy from JLA, he seems to know that it's his. Kurt William is becoming a desk cat, he's here with me now, just waiting to be petted again. Farrah is doing fine after her seizure the other day. Zander has captured all of our hearts. He purrs just by looking at him. Emaline has become a babysitter to some of the kittens. Bumble Bee, Turing, Babbage & Diffie are all out and about now--makes for a lot of kittens in constant motion!

Dorri-Lynn says "Don't forget, us big kitties need homes too!"