Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More kittens ready for a home!

We were able to get 6 more kittens spayed/neutered yesterday! The boys that were done were: Couscous, Diffie, Turing & Babbage. The girls were Rotelle and Zita. They all did fine and were running around last night playing hard. The 3 new black/whites are very much wanting to come out of their pen and play. I keep telling them they will join the kitty herd very soon. They are so active. We had boxes too! Thanks to Quayside for the Whiskas Tender Bites Variety Packs. ALL the cats and kittens love these. This really helps with our supplies. Thanks also to Oskarsophie for the Bellyrubs Bonito treats, KMR and the Turbo Scratcher Toy. That's so great about the turbo toy. Someone had just given us the scratcher pads that go in those toys as extras. We had had a turbo toy previously, but it had finally broke and was thrown away. we have another turbo toy and extra scratchers to go with it! Thanks to Quayside and Oskarsophie for your donations. Thanks too to Thomas P. for the poptops you sent. I will give them to Kellen for when she goes back to the CHOPS hospital in September. If anyone else has any poptops you'd like to send, Kellen would love it. She gives them to the Ronald McDonald House. They use it as a fundraiser. The couple that has Orzo on hold has been here several times to visit him. His pick up won't be until first of July. The construction continues: eve spouts and gutters were put up yesterday. I can't wait for the inside walls to be done! Right now Couscous is sleeping beside Georgia with his arm over her back--so sweet. Asha is totally involved with the kittens, she seems to love them. Cadigan and Danell seem to be good friends. County is healing nicely-putting a bit of weight on that leg. He seems like a very laid back boy.


Durr, I dunno Tinker. Dey don't look liek wats in the cans dey feeds us.