Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We have new arrivals! Three of the cutest little kittens are now part of the Rescue Center--all black/white, about 8 weeks old. They are all boys and their names are: Babbage (mostly black ears), Turing (black belly dot), and Diffie (dot, left cheek). Yes, you guessed it, Racer had the privilege of naming them! Our boy Peterson was here this morning for a nail trim! He looks wonderful and his owners love him a lot. Also heard from Lilly's new family and things are going great with her adjustment into her new home. We have 6 kittens out in the clinic today for surgery. The volunteers have been busy keeping up with the grooming of all the long hair cats that are here. We try and groom each and every long hair daily. Today we have 2 extra volunteers that are here and they will spend time in Cat's Cove doing major grooming on these guys. Please remember to vote. Our last day of voting for this 2nd quarter is this Sunday on 6/19.


<nerd> If you would like to know more about where these new kittens got their names, here are the links to the wiki entries on the people they were named after:

Charles Babbage
Alan Turing
Whitfield Diffie

-Kurt </nerd>

Turing, Babbage, and Diffie. The Cryptocats!