Monday, June 6, 2011

Another busy week ahead

We have a new arrival here at the Rescue Center. He came in, supposedly as a Bengal cat. When I pulled him out of the carrier, it turned out he's not a Bengal but a domestic short hair brown tiger! So...he has to have the name of NABBAT.  It's for:  Not  A  Bengal  But  A  Tiger !!  He's about 8 months old, a real sweetie, already neutered. He's been tested, vaccinated, wormed, the whole works, so he's now out and about with the others. The cats had their outdoor enclosure open all day yesterday. We will probably open it up again today also. Tinkerbell has been carrying around that big orange ball again in her mouth--it's bigger than her head. She growls and grumbles if any other kitten comes near her. It's HER ball! Kiara had a special treat yesterday for her 4th birthday, which she enjoyed. Tinker is one super ornery and fun kitten--he's here, there and everywhere! Murka has figured out how to open the top door above my desk and likes to nap there (& also mess up all my paperwork!). Dorri-Lynn and Rumble have adjusted beautifully to being back at the rescue center.  We have thank yous to give due to several Boxes on Saturday. Lynn S. from MI sent a box with 3 kitties that she made--they are shelf sitting kittens and absolutely beautiful. Each are different and with jewels, bric-brac on them, they are very pretty. We will put these in our Catathon bid blocks.  Also received from Andrea and Suzanne from Parma, OH three scrapbooks, all beautifully made with each page a blend of designs which are all cat related. They are unique and each page holds a slot where a cat picture can be put in. We will also put these in the Catathon bid blocks. Many thanks to both of you for helping with our fundraiser. Our morning at Wal-Mart was great. Mary H. and Jodi  did the table accompanied by Mary's dog, Sparky. They raised $141 total! Thanks Mary & Jodi. This is a super busy week for us. Tomorrow the walls start up on the addition! Also Racer arrives tomorrow. Thursday, Friday, Saturday is the BIG garage/bake/craft Sale at 1106 Bavarian Lane in Bryan. Friday, Saturday, Sunday another fundraiser, doing concessions for the Dance Studio's show. Sunday is also the big Volunteer Appreciation Day. Please also keep voting for us--each vote is important! Thanks for your support.


Tinker and Tinkerbell, descendants 
from a long line of Vacuum Slayers