Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new old name

We have a name for the new in-take room! First, I want to thank everyone for all your suggestions--they were each and everyone meaningful and appreciated. I love it when I ask for suggestions or help, and you all pitch in with answers. The new name for the in-take room is........Mewcomer's Room. Some of you may recognize that name. This is actually the name that was chosen for our 4th rescue room years ago, but has since been used as our storage/dog room. The name is short, meaningful and easily remembered. Someone suggested since that name isn't right for that room anymore, we move it to the new in-take room. So, that's what we've done! The room where everyone will enter is called the Welcome Room. Won't be long until this entire new addition will be used! We received boxes yesterday. Mary2u and Quayside sent quite a few cases of can food for both the kittens and adults. Thanks Mary and Quay, we do indeed use a lot of this food! A big thanks to Clarice G. (baxter bailley) who sent 4 big boxes of litter. The Fresh Step is a good litter, plus it has the paw points that we collect for free litter, plus it arrived with lots of brown packing paper which the kittens love. The 2 new returnees, Joseph & Josephine are out now during the day and sleep in their room for night time. They are adjusting just fine. Today we have another organizational meeting for the Catathon.


T-SHIRT UPDATE: We have found a new printer for the t-shirts. I will be getting in touch with all of you that pre-ordered, since we are going to do the pre-orders a little different this time. I am going to pick 8-10 colors in which you can pre-order. We will be ordering a stock of t-shirts to be sold at fundraisers and here at the rescue center but we will only carry those in 3 colors. So unless you want Oxford, Khaki, or Light Blue, be sure to pre-order! I will announce the colors that will be available later today or tomorrow.

"What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
"What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" -Joe