Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last day for the fundraiser garage sale!

The Garage/Bake/Craft sale continues! Here's the up to date earnings so far. Pre-sales: $500, First day: $1224, Second day: $207, for a grand total of $1,931 !! This totally blew away my wish of $700. Just awesome! Thanks to Connie K. and Curt for all their hard work. Last night was the first of the concessions for the Dance Studio. I know it rained, but there were still plenty of people! We'll have a total of this 3 day event later. As you might've seen on the cat's facebook, we've heard from the new families of Tibbits and Salimo. Both went into wonderful homes and have adjusted quickly and are well loved! We also took in a new cat from Dr. Pettigrew's office. He arrived there at the beginning of the week after he was hit by a car. His upper and lower right canine teeth had to be removed as well as an upper incisor. His most severe injury was to his rear right leg. It was fractured and had to have a pin inserted from the greater trochanter to the femur. He also had a fracture at the femoral neck. The pin runs from the top of the femur to the bottom. He's bearing a tiny bit of weight on it and is on "bed rest" in Patience's Pen. He's a young male, gray tiger and is named County (because his life counts). He had been living an outside life when he was hit. If he by chance doesn't adapt to indoor life (when he's healed) there is already a home lined up for him to live in a safe outdoor life environment. Time will tell. We received boxes last night! We received a bonanza of gifts from Mary2u. The cats got 2 cases of Friskies, 1 case of kitten Fancy Feast, big box of litter and Temptation treats! Thanks also to Dee F. for her PayPal donation--sure appreciate it! We had some wonderful visitors yesterday! pjpanda and her friend's 2 daughter's, Elizabeth and Emily, from Cleveland came for a day of visiting the Rescue Center and the Garage Sale. We enjoyed having them! ALL web-cam viewers are welcome to come for a visit!


Raza is looking for a new home.