Friday, June 10, 2011

Garage sale fundraiser

What a success the garage/bake/craft sale has been so far! Connie called last night with an update, and they have raised $1,224 so far!! Surpassed my hopes of $700! Racer & I went over yesterday for awhile. I helped Connie in the sales and Racer did a live stream. The sale continues today and tomorrow. Today also starts the other fundraiser. We do the concessions for the Dance Studio show for 3 days. Getting things ready for the big Volunteer Appreciation Day on Sunday! Lots of good treats also will be here. The construction continues. Today the drywall is going up and I just got done ordering the new sink and faucet for the half bath. We have the plaques ordered already for those that have donated $250 or more and hopefully we'll be ordering more! If the rain lets up, we will be reconfiguring the dog fences outside today. We had an adoption yesterday! Sweet little Salimo went to his new home. He will be joining a family of 3 other cats. FYI: Grommit also has a home. He actually went to a friend of the Rescue Center last week. Grommit was having a couple issues here and I asked this person to try Grommit in a home situation. Just checked on him yesterday and all is fine. Sometimes when they're in a quieter home, the "bossiness" behavior goes away. We opened boxes yesterday! BIG thanks to Dorothy Y. in CA for the new Pirate Ship. The old one was extremely well used and finally was given to the guys in Cat's Cove to play with! Thanks to Medic101 for the 2 cases of adult Fancy Feast, the cats love this! Quayside sent 2 cases of Friskies, which we use a ton of! BIG thanks too to Joann who sent TWO of those super duper soft cat beds. When the cats lay in them, they sink until they almost disappear. Joann also sent kitty treats & some fun toys. Thanks so much to everyone for your support. Also, thanks to Deette for your PayPal donation, we sure appreciate it.

Now-I need some suggestions! The new first room that people will go into will be the room where they'll be greeted, fill out paperwork, etc. This room will be called the WELCOME ROOM. I need some suggestions for the new kitty/cat incoming room. This will be a quarantine/intake room. But, I would love the name to be something different than naming it that, yet having the name mean the significance of the room. Any suggestions? Please let me know. Thanks.


Kitten in the round