Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kitten hide and seek.

We had a busy treatment day yesterday. With all these kittens and cats, we had 26 felines to find for various treatments such as worming, vaccinations, repeat leukemia tests, flea prevention applications, etc. I keep telling them to come front and center when their name is called, but they just laugh at me and scamper away. Such is the life of a kitten. No worries! As the kittens are spayed/neutered each week, I keep updating We're about half way thru on the current kittens of getting them neutered/spayed. I talked to the contractor late this week. The cement floor has dried beautifully. On Monday they will be getting all their supplies together for Tuesday. Starting Tuesday they will be working on the walls and roof. This is when the excitement heightens! The 3 kittens Winken, Blinken and Nod received their first vaccinations yesterday so it won't be long until they're out in the thick of things with the other kittens. Every day we're accumulating a few more things for the July 24th Catathon. We received the first completed basket yesterday--looks so nice. Also today Mary H., a volunteer, will be at Wal-Mart for 3 hours with all our information on the Rescue Center. Connie K and Curt were here last night, gathering up the last bit of garage sale items from here, for the big Garage/Bake/Craft sale on Thursday, Friday, Saturday next week in Bryan. Also on Tuesday, Racer will arrive! The cats have already been lining up at the door waiting for his arrival. Another event for us is June 10, 11, 12 when the Defiance Dance Studio has their annual dance show. We provide the concessions for this event which is a fundraiser for us. Thanks to Jodi for handling this event. Lots of action going on around here! We also received 2 boxes for the new kittens, sent by Jatcat. 2 trays of Gerber baby food, they love this! We add it to the baby kitten formula. And of course, Bella always gets to lick (or paw) the jars out. Thanks bunches Jatcat. We also received a beautiful purple silky fleece slumber ball bed from Joanne H.  This bed is intended to be auctioned off for the Catathon. This is a wonderful cushie bed. Thanks Joanne, we'll put it up on the auction block for bids. Appreciate that!


We have the finalized earnings for May from our Google AdSense and Amazon Associates accounts. The Google Ads made $435.00 and the Amazon Associates referrals made $200.89, for a total of $635.89. Thanks everyone! This will all go into our Building Fund for the new addition. Remember to keep using the Amazon link we have here on the blog and on our new website whenever you shop at Amazon!


Dunakin is ready for a new home!