Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Walls are up!

It's simply amazing. Where we had just a cement pad yesterday is now a building! Six construction guys came and now all the walls are up to the new addition, the roof is on and shingled, the door is on, electric lines are ran and the windows are in. What a lot of fun to watch. They will be back today. Lots more work to be done on the outside and all the work yet to be done on the inside. We had Boxes yesterday. Jatcat sent 500 more Styrofoam plates--thanks so much! This saves us so much time. Quayside (Elaine & Willis) sent lots of Whiskas treats and also 2 cases of Friskies. Whiskas treats are always one of the favorites. And you know we use a ton of Friskies! We were able to get NINE spays/neuters done at Earth Angels. The boys that were done: Waki, Gibbs, Scribbles & Manon.  The girls that were done: Ketzie, Iowa, Subra, Georgia & Denelle.  They are all doing just fine and were already playing last night. We have been adding them to PetFinder as they are neutered--working on getting their pics done now. More kittens added to the kitty crew, as Winken, Blinken & Nod are having a few exercise/play times out in the main area several times a day. We also had another organizational meeting for the Catathon yesterday. Plans are coming along! Remember to mark your calendar for July 24th, Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00. This is going to be a jam packed fun 3 hours! Tomorrow starts the BIG garage/bake/craft sale in Bryan at 1106 Bavarian Lane.