Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Adoptions!

Our little Cadigan was just adopted this morning. She's such a sweet kitten and her new mama already loves her. She'll be able to spend the entire weekend with Cadigan to get to know her. We also have Tibby, Gibbs and Orzo on hold. We have special visitors--web-cam friends! Pjpanda and her friend's 2 daughters. We love visitors. Good money news yesterday! Janet & Steve Baden, Mary2u and Mercury Cleaners each donated $250 for the building fund! The "long cat" thermometer will be updated with the new total soon! Petra and her mother from Germany has donated funds to cover the new desk and chair that will be in the new Welcome Room! Lynn Smith sent another donation for the Catathon, a beautiful pewter cat pin; she also sent a gift card from Meijers. Zander has been grooming the kittens, especially Iowa. Joseph is laying on the floor with his back legs all stretched out behind him. Merci has been coming out and playing with the kittens more. Missa loves to lay in the window sill in hopes of catching the birds. Nova was seen sprinting at high speed, zooming from the office clear to the other side. Our oldsters- Putter, Ada Jane and Magentta are doing great.


Update: Zander was just adopted!