Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 12

Happy Birthday to Coralie! We have now had this wonderful cat for 1 1/2 years. She turns 3 years old today. Remember when she first arrived? She was such a sad sight. Little did we know at the time what extent were all of her frostbite problems. As most of you know, she lost part of her ears, 3/4 of her tail, both back legs and many of her front toes/claws. But, she still has little cute ear flaps, she can still wag her tail, she can still go about anywhere she desires and she can still use her front paws. She's a happy girl and we love her dearly. Happy 3rd birthday, Coralie!

I saw the cat! Yep--one of the missing two cats that were dumped over the fence. It's the same one that almost came to me that morning. She's very timid, but she was eating at the food dishes---I was thrilled. I sat down and just talked to her for awhile. She looks very thin and "moth bitten"--maybe fleas?  We will work on getting her in our care.

Snore, snore, snore. That would be Ahimsa! She is for sure not a morning person. I love how when the action starts in the mornings, she'll barely squint open her eyes at me. She so loves her sling and sleeps there every single night. By late morning, she starts to move about and joins us. Such a sweetie!

We had BOXES Weds. evening! Many thanks for your kindness and support.
Donnajb--an awesome colorful tent for the cats to play in. We took it in the back Thumper's Room where they enjoyed it. It is now out in the playground. The last I looked, there were 5 Covies laying in it!
Judy H--thank you card and donation to use where needed. Kitty cross stitch hanging, lots of very nice jewelry--kitty, fish, turtles, cross earrings, pins and necklaces. Scratch Art Kitty with butterfly framed and a kitty print in a nice frame
Nadine/Eclectra--metal pictures! These are really awesome. We now have one of Shawn the peacock, Magic, Ada Jane (for FFRC), Coralie, Vern & Derecho.
Clark, Jessie & Family from OH--Two famous $5 for two birthdays--Coralie & Cliff
Trudy S from Bryan--donation
Melissa L from NY--donation
Vickie & Pat from OH--doggie card!
Janet R from OH--donation
Bob & HElen N from OH--donation
Tom C from IL--donation
Diane/Hull--donation to cover Radiance's adoption. Her name is Boo and will be adopted by Sherri our volunteer!
Pat & Ellen--donation to FFRC for Farrah, along with extra to be used wherever needed. Also cans of chicken and paper plates. 
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Tracy L--donation for FFRC

The six cats/kittens that were dropped off are doing great. They are a little shy but that is workable. All the things that we've done to them has not produced a single grumble, growl or hiss. Their door to their room, Cat's Corner Room, is opened every day for them to venture out. Little Evad though tends to be a hider--so if he's not in his room, we put him in pen #4 so he can be close to people activity. 

Dawn E (volunteer) and her husband John are enroute to S.C. to pick up the 5 cats that are being returned, due to health issues with their mama. The cats are: Cubby, Hark, Markie, Barky and Mary Kay. They will arrive there late tonight and proceed to pick up the cats tomorrow morning. They will then head back and are expected in the late evening to be here. Keep them in your prayers and good thoughts for a safe trip there and back. And also for their mom and the cats to make this transition smoothly. 

Catathon is only 16 days away! Unbelievable. We are excited and have been working on this event every single day! Pre-Registration is now ON!  Check out our website at  Look for the Catathon 2015 link.  The reason we do like to encourage the Pre-Registration is because it will take less time on the phones at the time of Catathon. Each phone call requires a name, address, phone number, chat name (if have). If you are pre-registered, all we need will be your name! We will take this info until June 26 at noon. 

This Sunday is our Flag Presentation to FFRCNation at 2:00, here at the Rescue Center. You are welcome to join us on the cam. Our Mayor Bob will be here for the presentation. 

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room haven't been in the Main Area for a few days. It was noticed that one of the kittens had a sore on her tongue. Because we play on the side of caution, we wanted to make sure that all were well before they could come back up. They are doing awesome! Expect them up again real soon!