Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday, June 21

Seven more days to go to our 5th Catathon! Fast approaching. We are still full speed ahead for preparations! Today is the kick-off day for our Catathon Raffle. Check out our chatters fb page, the FFRC fb page and FFRCNation page along with Twitter---it's all there! There are 16 wonderful items. Tickets are just $5. Get as many tickets as you'd like! Afterall, it only takes one ticket to win! We will close this raffle at 9 am on Weds and do the drawing for these items during the Catathon. 

We had BOXES Friday evening. Our big thanks to you for your help to FFRC.
Mary, our Friday vol. from Archbold--Sheba, kitty snackers, broth pkts and appetizers
Julie C from IN with Anna Marie & Miss Mellow--donation to FFRC, 5 cans Fancy Feast, 12 sm red bags that say "You Had Me At Meow"
Plee/PatL from SC with Sandie, Miss Tortie & Lucy--21 handmade pillow cases!
tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 16 lb bag Purina One
AJpritting/Audrey & Gary--Happy Birthday to Coralie--a new soft bed just forher!
Napa--donation to sponsor Pania
Michele & Frank--3 big bags Purina One cat food
Deb11111--6 wonderful bags of dry cat food (Purina One) & a case of Fancy Feast.

Many thanks to Warped and Joe for bringing a bunch of items for our PawMart FFRC Store! Warped and Deb also held a Flash Sale yesterday for which I am thankful. Warped spends much time and material to make these excellent items and then donates them to FFRC. Many thanks.

Surgery Day was yesterday--it's over and all is great! All in all, we did 22 surgerys--11 boys, 11 girls. 

Boys were: AJ, Emmitt, Macaroni, Cheese, Emery, Kenny, Major, Jete, Rourke, Jahzara, Ozwald
Girls were: Towanda, Anmarie, Jerusha, Ahimsa, Rapture, Radiance, Posie, Lena, Dorothy, Artemiss, McKaela

The surgeries have all recovered nicely. Ahimsa has been a bit slow but she's doing much better this morning. The kittens bounced right back. We had lots of post-op kitty holders, which is so important. Each person takes 1 or 2 and holds them--to keep them warm and to be sure their respirations and color is good. Then when they start really waking up, they are placed in a pen where they can start moving about. The next step is to put them in a room, where they can nap or walk about and eat. When fully on their feet, then they were allowed back out in the Main Room.

We ended up not doing the surgery for India and Induna. Induna was still a bit small and India is just now bouncing back from a little set-back this past week. We also cancelled Valeta's surgery (the siamese adult) as it does indeed appear that she is pregnant. It was a thought when she arrived, but I wanted Dr. Darcy's opinion on it. Now we play the waiting game with her. We also did not do Evad's surgery. The best thing happened for her--her foster mama is a foster failure!!  Yeah--that means she will officially adopt Evad. She's comfortable with her new mama and purrs and seems so happy. She is also considering adopting Mary Kay and possibly Hark as well. Terri is a friend and has always had cats until recently. Fostering Evad has made her realize it was time to have cats again in her home! We win, she wins, the cats win!!

Dr. Darcy also did a few physicals. Solee had her past heart murmur rechecked. This time it was not heard! Way to go, Solee! She also checked Seymour as his lymph glands were quite swollen last month--this time, all is good. Lymph glands are normal! Bender was also checked because of his troubles with his rear legs. We will now start him on a different medicine. He doesn't seem to be bothered too much by this, but we would like to see him walking better. Hopefully this different med will help. Cayden was also checked. You may already know, I've been concerned about his 1/2 rear leg. It continually gets a scab cap on it. Underneath it is not healthy. Beings he has a long stump, he tries to use it for balance, which is also not good for his hips. But it also compromises the stub end.  Due to a high risk of getting an infection in this, it was decided that he will have that leg amputated mid femur. This will keep the remaining bone healthy and help his hips. 

We took in a new kitten yesterday that came from Dr. P's office. Dr. Darcy brought him with her for us. His name is Cyrus (a Name a Cat name). He is about 3 months old and a grey tiger/white. They have already neutered him. He was found alongside a road, pretty banged up. His bottom lip was down to the chin so it required button surgery (where a button is sewed in to hold the lip in place during surgery). He also had a nasty abscess under his eye that needed surgical help. His rear leg had a large tear in it that required a good cleaning and sutures. We'll take those sutures out later. He is feisty, fun and sweet! 

We also lost one of the kittens that Peggy is fostering. Little Peter did not make it, but passed away peacefully in his sleep. He sure had a last week of major loving though and we are thankful that we have had them in their care. The other 2 are doing great. Hugs to Peggy.

Our other new itty bitty now has a name. It is Rios (another Name a Cat name). This little guy arrived about 4 days ago, in terrible condition. He was found alongside a very busy road, hit by a car. He was actually brought in for euthanasia, but upon arrival, we thought we could help him. He's doing much better. Rios is about 3 weeks old, a brown tiger/white. He must've landed in a terrible position because his whole body was kinked up. Dr. Bill has already adjusted Rios. This morning he's able to sit up and is taking his gruel better now, with a syringe.  I have him in the house with me! 

Whew--okay, I think we have you all caught up! Happy Summer.  And remember--7 days away!! Just as a reminder--my return emails may be rather slow this week and the blogs may be a bit sparse due to time. Have a great day!