Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday, June 4

It's happened! The Covies spent their first night "free"---free to choose whether they want to go inside the Cat's Cove or maybe nap in The House that Jonah Built. Or maybe sleep on the picnic table. Or perhaps, in one of their cat barn houses. So many choices to make! Do they watch the farm animals or do they go on the other side and watch the woods?  Or do they potty in a litter box inside a building, or in the big sand box or perhaps use the grass---such decisions to make! It's so wonderful to be out there in the playground and watch them. I saw Rory sprint from one end to the other--he looked like it was great fun. LaDonna is doing good too--she seems to be feeling better. Sometimes that Vestibular Disorder takes weeks to fully recover. 

Yesterday bright, colorful cat walks were put up in The House that Jonah Built. Screens were put in. The screen door was also put in. Inside, 7 red and yellow tubes were put on the wall for them to nap in or to play in! They are already using their kitty-door to go in and out. Soon, we will be adding a few of the Porchies as well.

We had BOXES last night. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Plee/Pat--4 lg bags of Temptation Snackers
Susan456--Caribbean Cruiser Ship
DiBme--for Catathon--journal, 2 prs socks with lotion, pipe cleaners/stickers/pokie dot journal.  Also 4 bags of kitty snackers, lots of kitty toys that she makes! And a tape measure for Mich for Flash Sales. A collar for Hensley
Herta--a Drew framed kitty print called Hangin Out.  It's awesome. This will probably be a special item for a raffle--very very nice!
Geremy & Gloria K--HB Seymour & his famouse $5, bag of milk rings to play with
Dewitty--for Pawmart--8 prs of blue kitty socks
Mayumie from Japan the Tokyo Branch of FFRCNation--2 cases Tuna Tulle, case of Chicken Filet pkts. And butterfly magnetic stickers to make a mobile for BUtterfly Room
Joco--12 gal. Stanley Wet/Dry Vac to be used for when/if we flood in the office again!
Bob & Marty from OH--donation and a very nice letter
Frances from TX--card with donation
Sherri/neuromom & David W from NY--card with donation in memory of Tomasina and babies
Charlotte L from WI--note with a donation
Jean M from CA--card for loss of FFRC kitties
Jane W from TN--donation to be used any way needed
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Douglas E--donation to FFRC
Michele & Frank--6 gallons water, 4 gallons vinegar, 4 gallons bleach

Ahimsa ate a real good breakfast by herself today! And then she ate 2 jars of baby food for Denise! She likes to be pampered! And we like to do the pampering! Tabitha is playing with the toys in Dodger's Pen. We leave the door open so Ahimsa can go in and out as she wants. 

Merri is here beside me--she's watching the kittens play. I'm thinking that she thinks they're a crazy bunch of babies! Clarissa is doing great being out and about--a patient mama and not grumpy with the other cats. Jerusha is wonderful too--she loves people. Little Induna, our newest kittie has fit right in with the rest of the kittens. 

Walter is his wonderful self! He was playing with the kittens yesterday and was being gentle. Jackson even plays with the kittens. Either that or likes tripping them--I haven't figured out yet which it is! But either way, he's having fun. Franklin is a special boy. He so loves the other cats and people too. Sometimes he gets going so fast, he kinda boings along. But, he gets where he's going! 

I would just like to give out a big big thank you to our volunteers. They are an awesome group of people. They come over and over and over again, with smiles on and a big heart. No matter how grungy a job may be, how tedious, they still do it. Their payment? kitty purrs, cat head bumps, leg wraps, lots of cat action and energy to make us all smile. The cats give so much love back to us all. Thank you all too for being a part of what we do here.