Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday, June 2

This is the month. It's Catathon Month--our 5th one! A very busy time ahead as we prepare for our biggest fundraiser of the year. Please mark your calendar and join us. It's June 28, Sunday from 1;00 to 4:45 ish.  At the end we will be able to give the grand total.

The Catathon will consist of 7 rounds. It includes 46 Baskets and 23 Big Ticket Items. Each round is 25 minutes, with a 5 minute break in between to allow us to set up the next round. Big Ticket Items are in two rounds. So, Round 1 and 2, Round 3 and 4 and Round 5 and 6 will be Big Ticket Items along with Baskets. Round 7 is all Baskets. These Baskets are overflowing with awesome items.

The Sunday before the Catathon (June 21), will start our Catathon Raffle. It consists of 15 items. Tickets are, as always, $5 each. The Catathon Raffle will be done at 9:00 am on Weds.(June 24). This will run as a normal Raffle. But, the winners will be drawn during the Catathon. Two items per Round, except for Round 7 will have 3 winners announced!

Right away on June 29, items won will start the process of being packed and sent. This of course will take us a bit of time, but we are good packers and senders!

We will soon have the Pre-Registration ready for the Catathon, which will have information in our Website. This will allow everyone interested in bidding, the opportunity to save time by pre-registering. You simply fill out your name, chat name (if have one), address, phone number. That's all! That way when you call in, you can say you're already registered and don't have to give out all the info then. It just shortens our time on the phone!

This is a telethon Catathon--all bids are taken on the phone. You don't have to be on chat. All the action will be right there on the FFRC cam. It's an exciting time for all of us here.

You will also be able to view the Baskets and Big Ticket Items soon on our website. Each round of Baskets individually will be shown with a description of each Basket. The Big Ticket Items will also have pictures and a description. THis will give you an opportunity to know what is in each round ahead of time.

While we're on fundraisers, we have another one scheduled for this weekend. It's the Annual Dance Recital Concessions. The rehearsals are Friday evening and Saturday morning. The dance is Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. FFRC has the privilege of selling concessions. We are happy to have this opportunity.

I'd like to give thanks to the following:
Beth/eaglewatcher--your two Karunda Towers have arrived.They will soon be put together and placed in The House that Jonah Built.
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Deb11111--donation to FFRC for the Paddy boys!
Sarah/romeomom--donation to FFRC, in memory of her little boy, Romeo
Geremy K from WI--donation to FFRC, for Trucker's Happy Birthday.

Ahimsa will miss Sonja, her caretaker during her visit here. We will miss Sonja too. Ahimsa is doing pretty good. We're still working on her appetite, but I believe she's enjoying all the extra attention and that is quite alright. I saw her playing on the floor yesterday which made me smile. She's a beautiful girl. She is right now enjoying watching out the window,

Clarissa and kittens Towanda, AJ, Emmit and Anmarie are out most of the days. They still spend bedtime in their room. All are healthy, round tummies and have energy galore.

Jerusha and her kittens and all the other kittens that are in the back Thumper's Room are also doing great. It's a real circus act back there. They too spend alot of day time here in the Main Area. We have to do the kitten-shuffle to avoid stepping on any of them.

We took in a new kitten yesterday. It's a male, black and white with the 2 cutest spots on his chin. Lisa (our morning person) spotted him on a main road in Defiance, with cars whizzing right past him and over him. The poor guy was hunched down, terrified. Lisa to the rescue. He's here now, safe and sound. He's 5 weeks old and his name is Induna (pronounced  in-dew-nay). This is a Name a Cat name and means Commander of Warriors. He is indeed a brave boy. He also was so so hungry---we thought he was never going to get full. And such a sweetie too!

Seymour had his birthday yesterday--he is now 2. He received lots of kitty snackers and a card from his Mamas Patricia and Rita. That's what he had for breakfast!

Lorenzo is a snuggle-boy. If you come to visit, be sure to hold him--he melts in your arms. Vernon too--he becomes a super slinky while held. Joyful is so enjoying the long window in the Welcome Room Office--she likes all the action. Joline is doing great--no mouth problems at all. Tabitha is working on her latest roll of paper towels. Corby is teaching the kittens how to play chase. Such joy to have here!

Our next surgery date is June 20th. It will be a very full schedule as all the kittens will be of weight for their spays/neuters. Some of the kittens are already on hold, but must wait for their important surgery to be done before being able to be adopted. 

Do you know of a cat that's not neutered or spayed yet? Maybe you can reach out and help that cat! You would be saving many lives.