Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday, June 9

What an adventure last night--we had a doozy of a storm. We lost power at the beginning of the storm. I was confident, because of the generator. Just as the generator geared up to start, the lights flickered on. The generator went down, as it should, the lights went off again, the generator started up again, And again the lights flicked back on. This time, when the generator started, the fuse went out. So....until we had it figured out, we had no generator. Between Steve getting a new fuse and Bill reinserting the fuse, the generator powered up and stayed on until the electricity came back on its on. What a beautiful sound---that generator humming along! We've learned a few things about the fuses. Also that there's a manual switch too. Gustwillers, who installed it, will come out this week, at no charge, They will go over everything and make sure all is well--like a generator physical! We sure love this generator! 

The concession is over! We had a bit cooler weather this year and on Sunday, had to deal with a bit of wind. We had a couple volunteers hanging onto the pop up tents! Steve went up and held down the poles! We did very well as this is a fundraiser for us. We cleared $910, which is what we usually make, on average each year. The recital itself was beautiful.  Thanks to these wonderful people for working the concession--Tabbycat, Tween, Peggy S, Jimmy, Steve, Faithy, Gem, Patcat, Bill, Angie, Kathy R, Buckeye,

We had BOXES last night!
Kittykattlady--box of FF, 24 pack of poultry & beef and another 24 pack of pate
Medic/Laura--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Plee/Pat L from NC with Miss Tortie & Sandy--a beautiful Walter, Walter, Walter Quilt (ideal for a raffle item!), 3 bags of kitty snackers & 3 cans Sheba
Sandy E--12 containers of Lysol wipes, 2 cases of Chicken baby food
Diane/DiBme--Lots & lots & lots of wonderful handmade cat toys! 2 collars, 6 bags of snackers
Heather--Phil and Judy's daughter--chicken feed, 6 large bags of kitty snackers
Dewitty--made a donation to help with 2 spays/neuters for Defiance community  Big thanks!
Jakesmeowmy--donation to help wherever is needed
Alice & Lou D from NJ--donation to help with the 8 cats that were dumped off. 
Brian  & Liz B from NY--donation for FFRC

We have names!  Our 6 dropped off kitties have names! 
Dorothy--Black/white mama, female, white whisker pads & chin
Lena--black/white adult female, with black dots on shoulder area
Jahzara--grey & white kitten, female
Evad--long hair grey kitten, male
Artemiss--siamese kitten, female
Valeta--siamese adult, female

Bill came out last night and adjusted Valeta's neck, which was indeed out. He also rechecked Derecho and adjusted him as well. Yesterday we cleaned all of the 6 cats' ears again. They are all much better. We did pull out a rather large plug from Lena's ear. I'm sure it feels great to her to be able to hear. The diarrhea from Lena and Jahzara is much better today. Five of the 6 has gained weight already.They all are still recovering from a massive overload of internal parasites (worms). 

Let's talk about some of the cats and behaviors. This is sometimes a difficult thing. We work with A LOT of cats and kittens here. Sure, we want them all to get along beautifully. For the most part, they do. It can be difficult for this many cats to find their space for peace and quiet. That's why it's always important to balance our numbers. We also realize that sometimes there's a cat that sometimes "bop" or grumbles more.  Our goal is for every cat here to be happy and healthy. We try our best. To keep everyone "safe" from one another would mean to cage them all individually. We won't do that. While I do not like seeing any swatting or grumpiness, it's a cat's world here and it will happen sometimes. I know many of you feel Coralie is overly "boppy".  I know many of you cringe when Hensley gets a bit grumpy to the other cats.  I also know it's hard to see a cat with CH bump into others and causes a few to fall over. We cannot protect everyone all the time here. The alternative is to cage but the benefit of freedom is hugely important to us and to the cats. Most of the cats and kittens learn who to stay clear from. We try to help out this situation by soothing the stressful times. We try to pass out extra hugs to those that might've gotten swatted. And remember, with Coralie, she has all of 2 claws left and they neither one work correctly. She can't do damage from her claws, but the "bop" may be a bit tough. So, enjoy the cats. Know that there are far more hugs, kisses and soothing tones that go on behind the scene, that isn't even visible on cam. We love these cats and will do our best to keep them happy and healthy. Thank you for caring. 

Keep an eye open on our website---won't be long until the Pre-Registration for Catahon os on the site! Jenni has worked hard this past week, getting all the pictures of the Baskets and Big Ticket Items. All are done and getting organized to be shown soon for your preview! 

I have not seen the 2 missing cats yet....but we don't give up easily. We're still searching. Blake though is here several times a day now. I found out where he's sleeping at and it's in a safe, protected area. My plan is to put a couple blankies in this old shed for him! He also brings along Tangie, the short haired orange cat that's been coming to eat for the last couple of months. He is already neutered. Azar has been coming quite a few times each week to get his dish of kitten Fancy Feast--his favorite!