Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday, June 13

The birds are still singing their morning song. The sun is trying to shine. Peacocks are in the yard checking things out. The kittens are in high activity play. The cats are busy grooming and keeping track of what's going on here. Sounds like it's going to be a great day!

The kittens that we kept in the back Thumper's Room for 4 days are doing awesome. They are 100% ornery and looking good. Appetites are good and all have nice FFRC tummies. There's alot of playing, jumping in the air, landing on each other and cats whizzing by so fast they look like blurrs! Life is good and so much fun for these kitties! It's wonderful that all the kittens get along great. And I'm tremendously thankful that the mamas are able to be out among everyone. 

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you all!
Diane C--donation in honor of Coralie's birthday!
Vicki B--1000 of the 6 inch paper plates
Willard--our kitty Willard that was adopted from here! A card and a wonderful t-shirt!
Mary H, Friday vol--30 Fancy Feast, lots of kitty snackers, 1 doggy snackers
Beth A/eaglewatcher--6 cases Fancy Feast Medleys
Linda/mls--4 wonderful rugs, 30 x 34  These are for The House that Jonah Built
David & Laura C from MD--Kong toy for Zelda. Special rug for Seymour & Coralie, rug, crinkle bag, 2 blue bowls, 9 inch plates, Cuddler toy with catnip, 7 cans of Wellness, box of Huggies Wipes
Linda & her kitties Keir and Masie from Scotland. Marshmallow snacks for volunteers. For the Catathon--beautiful outfits made by Linda's mom. There are 6 sweaters, capsm blanket--all so wonderful. Special thanks to your mom!
Sandy E--12 Clorox wipes
Pauline/Deptford--box of approx. 25 fused glass cat designs/necklaces and a fused glass FFRC sun catcher
Pat M from CA--card and donation in memory of Zertyle
Ayako, a friend from Japan--many many different kinds of yummy snacks for the volunteers to sample! This will be fun! Also things for the cats--laser light, Catch Me mouse, wand teaser, and a welcome sign. Also a pillow, satchet, purse, sandal, placemats, quilt. 
Billie K from TX--Happy Birthday donation to Coralie
Roberta L--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Cita--for Catathon--we received 25 small cheese wheels to be put in various baskets! What a wonderful addition. Also a big wheel of cheese / crackers for Steve, me--we will share! 

We had a special donation from an Anonymous Friend last night. This donation was an answer to prayer for help. I thank this friend and hope it's realized how very much this helps us. 

I have a friend of mine, Terri that will be taking Evad home for a week. She's off and has lots of time and wants to do something for us. So....Evad will get intense TLC and attention. This will be a good thing for her. 

Our friend, Joni/catlady will be here today and tomorrow! Look for a Flash Sale! 

Dawn E and her husband John are now in SC. They arrived there late last night.; Their mission is to pick up the 5 FFRC cats that their mama can no longer care for. They will pick them up this morning and turn right around and head back to Defiance. I don't expect them till 9:00 pm or so. It's a long drive with construction going on. Because of the lateness, we will probably just tuck the cats in for the night, feed them and let them have some relaxing time all night. We'll keep you posted of their journey today and when they arrive here tonight. 

Have you heard about Peter--1 of the 3 brown tigers that Peggy S is fostering? I'll fill you in, in the short version. She put them to bed night before last and they were fine. In the morning, Peter was unresponsive, no heart beat, no respirations. She said a prayer for him and then tucked him in a container to bring to me.She called me and told me that he had passed away.  Soon she heard him making noises and he had slight respirations. When she arrived with him, he wasn't responsive but had a heartbeat. I kept him close all day, gave him an injection to stimulate him. Hour by hour, this boy revived and became stronger. By 5:00 he was walking about and hollering for more food! He seemed to have a neck injury. Dr. Bill looked at him late afternoon and put a vertebrae back in place. He's back at Peggy's house and appears to be doing great. I am so so thankful! 

Dates to remember:
Current--the pre-registration for Catathon is open now! Go to our website and look for the Catathon 2015 link. 
Sunday, June 14--flag presentation to FFRCNation, here on cam at 2;00
Saturday, June 20--surgery day
Sunday, June 21--Catathon Raffle begins
Weds. June 24--Catathon Raffle ends
Saturday, June 27--prep day for Catathon
Sunday, June 28--5th Catathon!! 

Thank you all for being friends of FFRC. We enjoy sharing the cats with you all!