Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday, June 6

All is peaceful and quiet. Kittens are played out, or at least for a few minutes. Lots of limp, sleepy furry bodies all over! We again have Jerusha up in the Main Area and she is doing very good.  We will put her in the back soon so Clarissa can be out with her babies. I'd rather two mama cats not meet yet! 

The kittens are so brave. They think they can climb anything no matter how high. Sometimes they can get down, sometimes they have to meow for help, which of course, we do. They all look good. Happy, round and active. The best is that they are all healthy.

Cayden is laying on the floor here in the office--all sprawled legged, looking quite content with himself. He was just having a wrestling match with a catnip toy! Lucy Ann is on the Feline Snoozer all curled up, looking relaxed. She's such a nice girl. NeeMu is napping too--must be because she worked hard at breakfast trying to get into every can I opened. She's very agile--proof is how many plates she can get her feet on! I keep telling her that her feet better be clean. But, she just looks at me with that sweet face. 

We had BOXES last night. 
Widdletiger--lots of great mattress covers for our Princess Bed.
Widdletiger/Tabbycat/Tabbytween--for Catathon--Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse placemats, bowls, plates & tumbler and Mickey Tote
Judy Sp--2-40 lb bags of Precious Litter
Nona/nycbird--60 cans of KMR
Anonymous Friend--4 gals Mr. Clean, Lg Tide and 24 rolls TP
Karen B--Chief Tapes
Shannon S from OH--paypal for Leonard and friends!
Hallie G--donation for FFRC
Gusti--PayPal to cover Jessie's dental and enough to get some snackers for all of the cats

Wow--These cats must be well loved, which pleases me to no end! Of course, I know ALL the cats are loved, but the support shown for these 8 cats that were dumped is astounding. We received more financial help. Many said, if need to use it for other cats, it's quite alright. Tiy all continue to amaze me. I am truly a grateful person.Many thanks to the following:
Attilla the Mum, Jobear, MaryAnn B from SC, Mary S from MD,Glenn & Kathy R from PA, Jacksmom, Nancyerin, Evelyn M, Kimkost, Lynnszs, Deb11111.  I have given these cats many hugs and kisses for you all. The little long hair grey one still remains so worried about life. But, I'm hoping she will realize that all is well--no worries. 

Dr. Darcy is at some educational classes this week. She is trying to find more help for Trucker. We are determined to get that boy where he has normal stools! So....back to the drawing board with a new treatment plan. We shall see how it goes! Where there's hope, there's possibilities! 

This weekend is our fundraiser--we do the concessions Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the dance rehearsal and the actual shows. Will keep you informed as to what we make on this. Last year, I believe it was about $900.

The Barnies are doing great. I fed them their breakfast. Such a great family of cats they have become. The  new 9 cats that we took in last year are mingled right in with the other Barnies--one big happy cat family! I have been seeing Blake every day, several times a day even, for the past week. He waits in a certain spot for me to feed him! He looks good.

Bender is right now, working his way from a 9-tier Kuranda Tower clear down to the floor. His balance is good! Little Induna is playing with some feathers on the floor. What a sweet little baby! Markel and Sparkle are doing very good. So little, but are mighty!  Corby has decided to follow Kiara's lead--he now likes to snuggle into the warm laundry too! Derecho got his extra helping of chicken today--who can resist that little tiny "chicken squeak" that he does?! Not me!