Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday, June 19

It's always interesting to me how the kitties "clump" together. Here in the purple, front office, the kittens of Jerusha (and all of her fosters) have stationed this as their area. High action and energy abound here! Then there's Clarissa and her 4 kitties plus a handful of extras that she watches over, have taken over in the Kitty Campus Room. This works very nicely for all! We weighed many of the kittens yesterday. All but one has gained a good amount of ounces in the last week. 

Tomorrow, Dr. Darcy will be here around 8:30 and we will begin right away with physicals. As usual, we will do the boys first, followed by the little girls and finish with adult girls. Somewhere in there, we will mix in a few physicals! By tomorrow evening, the place should be hopping with kitties again--it doesn't take them long to recoup! 

We have thanks to give from BOXES on Weds. evening. You are appreciated!
Tabbycat & Tween--4 bags of kitty snackers, bottle of GooGone, Zap Hand Cleaner and a new shower liner for Kitty Kastle
Pupacatowl--Mischief Box Kitty that grabs your penny while peeking out of the box! Fun!
Dib--Mouse toy to dispense snackers, kitty snackers, 2 purple kickeroos (approved by Zelda!) and other handmade very nice toys for the kitties--all laced with catnip!
Canton for Sevaun--10 lb roll of sisal (wouldn't it be neat to make a sisal wall?!
Jaquelin M from AZ--donations to FFRC for little Bows
Emma M--donation to FFRC
Hamilton, Niffie & Tootsie with mama Justme--Danglie Leg toys! These will help add to our "collection" of leggy legged stuffed toys that baby kittens like to snuggle in! Cow, Frog, Duck and 2 Platypus
Oldestmanalive--9 containers Clorox wipes
Kat & Laura from MI--day visitors--donation for FFRC
Margaret S from Pld--donation to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--8 rolls of Bounty paper towels
Warpedinmn/Connie--8,000 of 6 inch paper plates
Mary J--bag of 144 ping pong balls  (it's a ping-pong day!)
Anonymous Friend--Snuggle kitty with heat pads/heart beat with extra heating pads

Anyone have time to kittysit?!  As I'm trying to do this blog, sometimes I have 4 kittens, sometimes 5 of them on my desk. They just finished a nap and are rearing to go. This isn't like the adults who come up and stay quiet while I work. Nope, they are busy, ornery and into everything kitties! Hmmm, that's actually how I like them!

I once would feel awful when people on the cam would see a behavior from one of our cats or kittens here that may be regarded as "off" or naughty. But, I've long gotten over that. These are kittens and cats that have a mind of their own! 95% of the time, their behavior is sweet, friendly and so loving. But as is the way with any pet (or human), we all have our grumpy, bad days. Or maybe 1-2 resident cats like to mark their territory (no worries --everything is washable here!)  The other quality of living is forgiveness! When we see a little tiff between cats, one being a bit of a bully or one just having a grumpy day or maybe one is extra marking....we just try to soothe and we forgive. So, the next time something is seen on cam--have no worries. It all works out. Things are cleaned, little faces are kissed and made to feel better, calm is restored. It's all a part of having a Rescue Center--relax and enjoy the cats and kittens for who they are! 

Armstrong and Dot are doing wonderful. Their URI is doing much better. So active and ornery too. Won't be long until they are also here in the Main Area. They are super friendly.

Markie, Barky and Cubby are here in the Main Area and doing great. Very sweet. They will come right up and ask for petting. Mary Kay and Harp are a bit shyer. But we're working on them! Right now, there's 6 kittens on my desk. All of my papers are now on the floor. Those rascally kittens. 

The Catathon Raffle starts Sunday! How exciting. We have 15 items in this Raffle. Remember, for this one, the winners will be drawn during the Catathon. 

By now, you may heard of the flooding Defiance is experiencing. My heart goes out to those who are flooded. The Rescue Center is safe here.Even though we have river in front and back of us, we are high enough to stay clear of flooding. Our road going towards town was closed quite a while yesterday but has now receded enough to be cleared. Everything is very soggy. I believe today is a low chance of rain--sure hope so. Tomorrow more rain is predicted. But....the grass is very green! 

Have a wonderful day and a great upcoming weekend. We'll keep you posted about the surgeries tomorrow! And by the way, there are now 6 1/2 kittens on my desk!  (One is hanging way way over the edge!)