Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25 Thursday

THREE days to Catathon! The cats and I are super excited. We have much excitement, along with the tummy tumbles and butterflies! This is a "big deal" for the Rescue Center. As you know it's our main fundraiser and it's a lot of fun. Lots of friends too will be here! The cats and kitties have already caught wind of lots of visitors---they love it as that means even more petting and loving. And you never know, maybe an adoption or two!

The Catathon Raffle is now over. I do not have a total yet, but that will be announced during the catathon. We will draw winners throughout the entire Catathon. I deeply appreciate the support of the Raffle. This Raffle amount will be added into our Catathon totals!

Pre-registration is still on until noon Friday. Just go to our website and look for the link. By doing this, it will save time on the phone during the Catathon!

Yesterday we had our phone test. It worked beautifully! All 8 lines were hooked up and turned on. Many of our viewers then called the FFRC number to make all the phones ring and ring and ring. All phones are good and all connections were great. This year we have that added benefit of the fiber optic line!

Our wish is that you all enjoy the Catathon! It's meant as a fundraiser but also for a nice time for you all. So many people helping us, it's very very awesome to me. I'm amazed and so grateful.

We had BOXES so I would like to say a big thanks!
Earlier this week:
Alan C from UT--donation to FFRC
Sue M/macncheesemom from MA--doantion to FFRC
Jean & Tom L from Defiance--Chief Tapes
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Sandie E--big bag of Purina One Adult
Donavon S from OH--donation for Leonard and his buddies
Shirley M from Canada--donation to FFRC
Jill S from OH--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Teresa T--donation for FFRC

From last night, Weds--
Joyce D--for pizza for our hungry tummies on surgery day!
Katie L--Lurker from Canada--4 boxes appetizers, 2 bags Purina One kitten, kitty snackers, 6 real cute containers of kitty snackers, Purina One adult, 10 bags coil toys, lots of catnip toys, 4 sm. microwave snuggies, 30 canisters Lysol wipes
Susan, Andre & Freemont--Royal Canin kitten food & bag of Purina One adult
Floppyjan--bag of Purina One
DeEtte P--4 big bags of Purina One Adult
Donnajb--4 bags Purina One
Eartheyes--2 bags Purina One, 2 cases FF kitten, 2 cases Wellness, 2 boxes TP
Shoo_lvr--900 baby wipes (!), 4 bags Royal Canin adult
Jatcat from CA--new bed for Camie, my doggie (she loves it!), case of Fancy Feast
Vickie B--6 bags Royal Canin Baby cat dry kibbles
Conii with Elliott & Iszabella--4 bags Iams dry adult
Straycatlady--20 lb bag Precious Litter
MacnCheese & Family--Westinghouse microwave!!!!  We were running room to room to heat things!
Linda S--2 bags Purina Cat Chow
LJ323--4 cans chicken, 4 memory foam mats, 5 cleaning mitts, Book: Who Pooped in the Park!!!, box of tic tac mints (to remind us of surgery days!!), Sunkist Fruit Chews, 4 cave kitty beds

Derecho, Derecho--the cat we all love! Many of you have noticed that he's having a bit more mobility problems lately. And yes, that is true. These cats with CH, they sometimes put a tremendous strain on their bodies, with all the bumping, balancing and falling that they do. Derecho too. While he can get to where he wants to (because he's super determined!), sometimes he has a harder time. Sometimes those vertebrae get a bit out of alignment with all that wiggling. Right now, he's on an anti-inflammatory. Dr. Bill has been working on his back and keeping things in alignment. The bottom line though is.........Derecho will be Derecho. While it may be worrisome to US, just take a look at him! He thinks he's as fine as ever! So, try not to worry. He's not!

Little Rios is doing awesome! He's walking better and better without tipping over much at all! And he's starting to eat by himself. We took in 3 new little babes 2 days ago. Two orangies and 1 buff, all boys. They are about 12 days old. Wow--they were screaming hungry when they arrived. I thought people would hear them downtown Defiance. To be so hungry that your tummy hurts so bad, hurts us. They had went 3 days without any food, had fleas and maggot eggs on them. But, now, they are clean, no fleas, no eggs and their tummies are already happy! We are syringe feeding these 3. Foster Peggy S still has her 2 little tiger boys. They are doing great.

Yeah--Mary Kay (one of the 5) finally got to her new home! Her mama is Terri, the same person that has Evad. I believe Mary Kay, just like Evad, will come around and open her heart to Terri. She's a very patient mama!

Since it's been a few days since the last blog, I should also mention that we had 4 kitty adoptions! Kenny & Emery went to their new home with MaryMort! I don't know who was happier---mama or kittens! Also, Artimiss and McKaela went to their new home together where they too will be much loved. These adoptions brought much joy to me. We have more kittens on hold and they will get to their new homes too soon.

This morning was nuts-ville! The cats were hyper, the kittens were crazy. Pure, high energy this morning. Some of it got the kittens into "trouble". It made me do some thinking. When the kittens are a bit snide with each other, we forgive them. When they pick and pick on each other, we just seperate and comfort. When they are downright mean (rarely happens), we easily overlook it. When they may snarl or grumble at us, we try to understand and help them. I even heard a Covie speaking ill of a Porchie the other day......and you know---that Porchie just sat there and smiled and gave that Covie a snacker! It's quite amazing--we lay our hearts open to them and accept them unconditionally. It got me thinking......wouldn't it be absolutely awesome if we would all do that with people as well?!!  How exciting to think of that! Instead of being impatient, critical, short tempered or maybe wanting to be negative about others, that we opened our hearts a bit more. That would allow us to forgive, and understand and possibly making a friend! It is far better to say something kind, than to say things that can hurt and sometimes that hurt is far deeper than we know. And THAT is what I love about our FFRCNation---the friendships we have, the "togetherness".

Take care, friends! THREE more days to Catathon!