Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday, May 30

A beautiful day! Although it does look like winter out there, with all the cottonwood fuzzies still flying around. They seem to be exceptionally heavy this year. In the middle of a 1 foot deep clump of the fuzzies was again Fabio! I went to sweep this enormous pile away and my broom hit something---sleepy Fabio looked at me! And then Gwendolyn came by and she was covered in green pollen and seedlings. She too got a good brushing!

We had BOXES last night. I'm so very grateful for this help.
This was a Donnajb evening! 
For the volunteers--2 bags of Doritos/Ruffle snackers, PB cups, Slim Jims, Oreo/chip ahoy cookies, gum, Capri juice.    For the Kitties--7-12 packs of Whiska pouches, a 24 pack Friskies pouches, scratcher pad, 2 big bags Precious Cat litter, 4 bags Greenies, 6 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 30 rolls PT, Also a wonderful book called Wings of Encouragement.  
Clark, Jessie & family--4 of the $5 famous BD gifts and BD card for Seymour
Susan C--donation to FFRC

We also had BOXES on Thursday evening. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Pat, Thurs vol--6 homemade wash cloths
Sonya A--FL--kitty toy, several Pet Stages Toys, blanket that's black with leopard edges
Donna--2 big bags of Precious cat litter, 2 bags Purina One Kitten dry
Kathy L/katandbuster, a mod, from TX--For Catathon--doggie treats, toys and tennis balls
DiBme from Oregon--lots of kitty toys, made by her! Fun toys!. Catathon--Hello Kitty toothbrush, 2 pot holder/towels, 3 prs kitty socks, pink and purple purse, purse/tote bag
SVCathy & Scott D from CA--HUGE bag of pink Hershey kisses for Catathon
Nona--60 cans of 11 oz KMR
Vicki B--6 bags of RC baby cat food dry
Linda/angelface--24 assorted sizes of Jonah's snoozers
Peggy/leggygal--truck blanket for Trucker, pillow cases, leggydews.  Catathon--5 baby girl outfits, baby boy blanket, lamb pillow and blanket
Jean M/annette20--yarn for Pat (vol), chocolate cookies, 7 of the famous $5 birthday bills!, kitty toys and Christmas stockings full of cat toys
Lisa/munckinljs & Peter S  Catathon--the Cat Who basket--full of goodies and items for this special basket. Many The Cat Who books, bookmarks, book light, kitty pen, dog/cat pillow, kitty stationary/cards. Plus kitty snackers & toys for FFC
Clark, Jessie & the family--$5 for Trucker's birthday & card
Anne B from CT--card and donation
Allen C from UT--card and donation
Sherry W and Dave from NY--card and the famous $5 in memory of Ada Jane
Matthew & Jenny F from OH--card
Donna Q from FL--card and donation
Kerswill & Tom--medical supplies, yarn for knitting Catathon basket, Tea Cozy pattern book. Kitty snackers, Appetizers and Broths.
Nadine H/Electra NJ/PA--Catathon--hand puppet, puzzle, stuffed kitty, Mary Kay hand care kit, paw shoe laces, 2 books, scarf, lg br tiger kitty plush throw blanket, 2 leopard print shirts, 2 kitty head print tank tops (some items will be for a Flash Sale!!) Plus two awesome metal images of photos of the Double Paddys and Trucker--these are absolutely wonderful!! For Catathon, etc.
Zelda Belda/box girl! Yes, Zelda! She wrote a nice letter to me! I loved it. She has sent a donation for a leggydew and cat-o-spirals to be added to the Catathon. She even helped me pick it out! Love this girl! 

Our Jessie had her dental surgery yesterday. She had a full mouth extraction. She's still feeling a bit punky, but is resting comfortably. She is such a good girl. 

Wow--the inside of The House that Jonah Built is DONE!!!!!  As of this morning, the painting will be done! We need to do a good floor sweep and scrub and then can move the furniture in! We also have 2 bird feeders that will go on the outside of the fence. I was so excited at Shipshewana to see two red cement fire hydrants. Well, I had to buy them. One is on one side of the playground and one is on the other. We all know the Covies are expert sprayers. What better thing to spray that a fire hydrant! Check it out when you visit!

Ahimsa is still lagging on eating by herself. She will eat when being spoon-fed baby food. I know that this is not 100% nutritious, but that's ok, for now. We just want to get her appetite sparked. She does come out off and on during the day to watch things from her tower perch. Her fur is looking healthier too.

Bella has it made. A Queen bed was donated to her. That is, a cat-size bed with the word "Queen" written on it. It's now in the dog's pen where she spends so much time. And she does NOT share it with the dogs!

Jerusha is wonderful. She is so patient with all those kittens in the back Thumper's Room. They run, tumble, roll and act like crazy kitties Jerusha is a role model of a mama cat. It's a happy room!