Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday, May 21

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the showing of love and compassion in the loss of our Ada Jane. It's kinda a hard thing, isn't it. We are grateful for the years we had her and would never wish her "one more day" if she couldn't handle it. Yet, we are sad  for this loss. And then funny, wonderful memories come and take over the sadness. One minute I'm laughing about things she did and the next I am sad. But I know in my heart, that she is at peace and is just fine. It's just her "presence" that I and all of us miss. Thank you for caring. We indeed have a wonderful compassionate FFRCNation.

You may have noticed that Derecho is having a bit of mobility problems and you would be correct. Dr. Bill checked him over last night and found a cervical vertebrae out of alignment. He treated this and we've started him on anti-inflammatories. This morning, after videoing him and sending to Dr. Darcy, taking his temp, etc, it's been thought he probably has "webbled instead of wobbled"--in other words, with his exaggerated twisty walk, has probably irritated some nerves. So, he's now on stronger anti-inflammatories. Hopefully within a few days he will be better. By the way, Bender is doing so much better!

Tomasina is also showing a few problems. She had arrived with a few red spots on her front pads. These have now erupted into major sores. Why, we do not know that. But, they are being treated. She seemed especially uncomfortable this morning when I had her out, so I put her back in her purple basket that she seems to love. We usually get her out a few times a day, for hours to be on a blanket, bed or the Princess Bed with us. But, today is not a good day to do this for her. We are also on "seizure watch" with her. Some of her actions indicate some minor increased seizure activity. We just want her to be happy within herself.

We took in two new kittens yesterday--a black stripey male and a grey female. They were found when they were one day old--actually 3 of them. They were taken to a foster mama who has decided to keep one. We have had it in our plans to take these on when they were weaned, which they are now. They are about 6 weeks old. Because they've already been to a vet for their first FIV/Leuk test and a worming, they're ahead of the game! Yesterday we caught them up with vaccinations and another worming yesterday. Today they will join Jerusha's group for some rocking and rolling fun!

We have names! For the long hair black and black tiger babies:
Sparkle--LH black tiger, female (peggy s is fostering)
Markle--LH black tiger, male (peggy s is fostering)
Rourke--LH black with white belly, male
Radiance--LH black with white throat/belly, female
Rapture--LH black with white belly, female
All 5 of these babies are now doing much better. There were a few days that we were worried, but they've got living down pat now and are enjoying games, fun and eating! Jete and Amani are also both doing wonderful now--full bellies and full of playfulness. All ten kittens in the back Thumper's Room were rewormed and vaccinated yesterday.

We had BOXES last night--wow, did we have boxes!  I am in awe of the support we have been receiving for Catathon! Our Baskets and Big Ticket Items are all shaping up into something wonderful for Catathon! Many thanks to you all for this support and for the supplies for FFRC!
Butterflyclass from Belgium  w/note    For Derecho's Birthday  in a Box With Love,   6 origami kitties
  Caterpillars that turn into Butterflies, Caterpillars made using the students footprints,   All lovingly made by the Butterfly Class of Belgium and  Snackers for the kitties
Keiko--  Catathon--  Kitchen - Wilton Cookware:  Heart cake pans, Heart Bundt pan, nesting Heart cookie cutters 
  12 count purple silicone baking cups and   Hello Kitty Wind Chimes
Billie K--for Jacci & Steve--Strawberry Hill Breads: Walnut, Poppy seed, Apple Cranberry & Chocolate
FaithyMD-- Bag of Iams Kitten Day
Anony Friend-- Catathon Buttered popcorn jelly beans, Leashes for Camie and Janie, Jimmy - Jerky,  Family - Lawn Darts/Bocce Ball, 2 Frisbees, Disney Pink Cheshire Cat, Pink: 2 Crystal Light Lemonade, Jolly Rancher water flavoring, 2 bags Ghirardelli Raspberry Chocolate, Spa: Nail dryer with nail accessories, Pink shavers, Pink shaving cream, Pink Lip Gloss, Pink Nail Polish, nail polish remover pen,  2 - Light up Balloons, Boys: Batman Fleece, 3 T-Shirts - Batman, Superman & Spiderman, Blue shirt w/Batman Swim trunks, light up balloons, Glow in the dark Lollipop kit, Sand Art kit
Patricia M/himmichgal--  Doggies, Janie & Cammie: Key chain Best in Show 
Joann B - NH--Catathon--Tools & Gadgets - Stanley Hand Saw, 9" magnetic torpedo level   Dog: Toys,  Kitty snackers
Karen C w/ Sunny - KS  Kitty Card    Donation for medical   Catathon-- Made by Jan R from Marion OH
    Cat Purse and a Flower Purse
Mary R--Catathon--Kitchen: Set of Red locking stacking storage bowls
Ruffles/Diane D - MI Catathon-- Dog:  Doggie dental sticks, Snackers, Labrador food scoop, Rawhide chew, Retractable leash
DiBme Catathon--  Kitty: 2 Kitty toys, Kitty collars, 3 bags Snackers, pink Kitty bowels,   Dog socks, 3 Doggie toys, Pink: Square storage cube, Bucket, and bag of pink stuff,  Sewing: Kitty Buttons  Kitchen: Watermelon knife w/sheath, Boys: horses and other figures
  Gadgets: 2 Glow in the dark flashlights,  Bags & Bags & Bags of kitty toys and catnip made by DiBme
FloppyJan Catathon--  Coke: straw dispenser, clock, metal sign
LostGirl Catathon-- Gadget - Multi purpose tool/gadget, 3-D Laser cut Mars Rover model
  Hover Kraft, Sewing: Sewing machine trinket box,  Pokie Dots: 2 Boot planters, Dog: Dog planter
Cheryl L - WA  Much for Catathon, many baskets! Book: Mental Pause, 2 book lights
  Spa: Gel mask, Terry head band, lotion & scrubber, Chicken Soup word find
  Boy:  Kite, Spiderman toothpaste & scrubber, noise maker, 2 laser finger gloves, grow a towel, grow capsules
  Shrink art, Spiderman shrink & reveal, Soap, towel, stickers   Kitty: snackers, DVD and Stickers,   Pokie Dots: Flip Flops   Girl: Kite, Princess tooth paste & scrubber, 100 piece puzzle, Frozen bubble pendant, mini sparkle & shine,   Dog: Leash w/matching collar, tennis ball type toy, towel, stickers, learning cards,   Baby: Story books,  Family/Summer fun: 2 bubble sticks, toss rings, Baby Boy: socks, 2 outfits,  Girls Garden: tools, seeds in pots, watering can, pink sun hat  Kitchen: 2 Cookbooks,  Hello Kitty: carry bag, stickers, erasers, 2-word find books, color foam, velvet art, 2 Hello Kitty pillowcases,  Orange ya Glad: pool toys, 2 beach balls, water balloons,  Disney: Puzzle, games,  journal, confetti crayons, musical recorder, coloring book,  Garden: Worm stake
Linda  pile of blankies for Flash Sale
Jennifer M -- Catathon---  Pink: Kitty back pack,  Puzzle: Kitties in a bowl
KatnBuster one of our marvelous mods For FFRC:  16 lb bag Purina One,  4 lg cans Lysol wipes
Kerswill--Catathon-- Puzzle:  Unexpected Company, Garden, Kitty on library shelf, Winding Down, Soft Spot
Jeannette B  Coupons Catathon--  Book:  Lydias Charm, Looking  for a Miracle, Hunters Field Notes, Billy Graham and 2 others,   Hello Kitty: Headphones, Camping: Watermelon knife w/sheath,  Watches with lots of colorful accessories,  Dog: Pet Bowl Cleaner,  Kitty: postie notes,  Purple & Pink:  Votive candle holders?
  Lodge (Big Ticket) small iron sauce pan, Garden: Cat Scat protection from digging, 
SVcathy another marvelous mod & Mr SV  Jacci & Steve: Los Angeles CA t-shirts.  Catathon--Movie: Stickers
  Wisconsin basket: Chocolate Macadamia Coffee, Black mug white kitty, White mug black kitty, Pink: Ghirardelli Raspberry Chocolate,   LA T-Shirt, Pink stuffed kitty, Supergirl tumbler,  Dog - Bag clips, Kitty: Stickers,  Disney: Tie Dye Minnie Mouse
Linda   8 cases FF kitten
Timberwolfpup    Pink/purple small storage container
Conii G--donation thru PayPal to cover the name plate for The House that Jonah Built
Wanda, our artist friend--donation to cover another portrait that she did.

We also had memorial gifts given to FFRC, in memory of our Ada Jane. Many thanks to the following:
Geremy & Gloria from WI, ABQcat from NM, Fran D from FL, Sandy DE from Ontario, Zoolove from OH, David P from Netherlands, AuntyFi, Janet A from NZ, Conii G from FL, Eartheyes from NC, Felinetoyz from WA, Ajpritting from WA, Knittinkitten from PA, Billie K from TX, Kimkost from MI, Minnkitty from MN, Lann from IA, Sus H from OR, Canton from MA, Gusti from Germany, Ju-in-ji from Netherlands

A big thanks to our volunteer, Megan who runs Goin' Postal here in Defiance. She did a fundraiser for FFRC, thru her store and brought to us $360!  Megan--you are awesome! Thank you.

Franklin is really settling in now--he has such an interesting gate--like a "dog trot", back legs off centered from his front. But, he gets where he's going and with a good attitude. Milo has decided he's Uncle Milo to some of the kittens--he likes to give them baths! Ahimsa's kittens are round and so sweet and warm! Lucy Ann enjoys watching the birds out the back window. Bella is still going out many times daily in the dog's fenced area. Sometimes she stays there all day long. Felicity enjoys watching the birds also. She has discovered "the loft" in the Kitty Campus Room--loves to nap there.

Remember our dear friend, Hannah, in Fort Wayne, that visited us? She frequently is an FFRC cam viewer. She has recently written a short article about overpopulation--it was an assignment for school. I would love to share Hannah's own words with you all:
"More than 50,000 kittens and puppies are born each day in the United States alone. Each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized (1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats). I believe it is important to spay and neuter pets.
Spay and neuter of pets helps in reducing the number of unwanted pets.  Prior research studies suggest that 7 to 20 percent of pets entering a home are no longer in that home six months after getting them. Animal shelters cost a lot to run.
 I believe it is important to spay and neuter pets. Don't allow them to breed and add to the pet overpopulation problem. Go spay and neuter your pets today."  Well said, Hannah!