Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TUesday, May 19

We had an awesome adoption yesterday! Rachet found his new home! And HE picked THEM! It was wonderful--two wonderful people who genuinely enjoys cats!

It's been a kitty circus around here. To help the kitties socialize with the other cats and kittens, we've been grouping them together for playtime! Twice today already, they've had mass group time! This also starts to build their immune systems up. As you probably know, when kittens are about 5-6 weeks old is when their immune systems from their mamas, start to decline. So, we will build it up by exposure. They will also soon start their vaccination protocols. All have already received their Bordetella vaccs. Their little tummies are all round. Eyes are bright and clear, their activity levels are high. Such nice kitties that will grow up to be friendly adults! 

Everyday brings us closer to Catathon. BOXES have been a huge help to us organizing the Baskets, Big Ticket Items and the Catathon Raffle! Following are my thanks for last night. Please know my thanks is huge!
Jatcat - CA   4 rolls scotch tape, 3 rolls 2" tape, pkg of pens, pkg of postie notes,  3 Safety Cutters
Carol L - IA      CATATHON    Laurel Burch note cards, Charles Wysoki Blank Card assortment
Mike & Gwen R - FL   CATATHON   2 Magnetic Bamboo Cutting Boards
PSW---3 stuffed Grumpy Cats - use where ever
Patricia M/Himmichigal--  CATATHON   Wonderful Books, Set of 3 Friends and Family organizers, 2 soft kitty pads, Kitty Coffee mug, Spatula, Vera Bradley coupon organizer, Pancake batter container, food labeler, Serrated knife with sheath, chicken 3 min egg timer, Berry Cook Book, Turkey lifter, Pampered Chef Baster & Cleaning brush, Kissing Fish Salt & Pepper, Flower Pancake shape maker, Zester, Cutting board with pictures of herbs, Small pouch for carrying small items, Color change Markers, Splash the Black Cat, Stuffed Bunny, 6 TY stuffed toys, 6 movies, Fuzzy Slippers, Pink heart mug, 4 leashes, Gloves infused with vitamins, ice gel mask, Magnetic picture frame with easel back, flowered thermos, Puzzle, Avon Fiber Optic bouquet of white roses, yellow Tiger cat statue, Autobiography of Santa Claus, Cards, 2 blankies green & red, 2 Jingle Bell collars, Santa Claus card holder, Xmas Cookbook, Jingle Bell door hanger, Snowman nightlight, Box of 3 Hallmark Keepsake, ornaments, Snowman Bubble night light, Snowman box full of ornaments decorations, games
Linda H - OH  Jamie's mom--  CATATHON   Spa: Handmade Mineral Natural Make-up, 6 eyeshadows, 3 polishes, 3 mascara and other nice things
Linda G - WI & Debbie--Paper towels, 4 spic and span cleaning cloths, 
  Kitty note pad & Kitty Tote for Raffle
Robotman CATATHON  HUGE box of stuffed Tigers and kitties 
Macncheesesmom--CATATHON   Orange you glad you get to go to the beach today?  All things orange!  2 noodles, Beach bag, 2 towels, lots of pool toys, 2 tumblers, paper plate set with cultlery, sand bucket, bubbles, can cozie, swimming goggles, towel clips, freezer bag, sunscreen, lip balm
DiBme/Diane P - Happy Mothers Day card with $5 x2  Bags and Bags of catnip toys!  pompoms, kickeroos, peacocks, a Gazillion of them all Tabitha approved!
  KatnBuster one of the wonderful mods--CATATHON--Puzzle: Stow & Go, 1000 piece puzzle pretty landscape, 1000 Ravensberger puzzle, 8 rolls of Paper Towels (also Tabitha approved), 4 jugs Tide HE, case of FF Kitten, 12 appetizers
Margaret/EarthEyes CATATHON - Gadgets: engraver for tools, 2 pr Laurel Burch socks
Neck form for showing Jewelry  Starfire Black Onyx 20" necklace with a huge Carved Black Onyx Pendant in Gold filled setting--this beautiful piece was hand made by Margaret. It's astounding!
Dewitty--visitor this week--Rock n Wobble toy for kitties, wash cloths, 8 hand towels for surgery room, 3 bags kitty snackers   CATATHON--Christmas flower design on a plate in an easel, Xmas Salt&Peppers, Note pads, Xmas cards and note cards, Stickers, Kitty switch plate, 2 book markers, Necklace & earrings of blue crystal called a Caterpillar by Painteddaisy Also many supplies for FFRC--wipes, cat food packets, K cups, Tide HE, spoons, treats for the volunteers, including cheese curds!
Sue-z--visitor this week--Q-Tips   Pop tabs for Kellan, Magic erasers,  4 bags Kitty snackers, 2 boxes Whiskas, bag of Sheba for Magenta CATATHON--Garden: Resin fairy statue, Hello Kitty: hand sanitizer, Boy & Girl: Giant Bubble wands, Girl: Headband design kit, Pricess Coloring pad, plus FFRC supplies--PT's, chips, Clorox wipes, kleenex, Dawn, Tide HE, asst. candy for volunteers, Mr. Clean, vinegar & bleach
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie - IA   Catstock nail stickers
jznyc/Joann D w/ Betsy, Jenny& Mitsy -BD card for Farrah & Derecho  2x $5
Betty & Pat w/ Meow, Tinkerbell & Tasha - HB card Derecho with Donation
Clark, Jessie and family - FL  HB card Camvie  $5
Colleen02 - Donation in honor of Adrian Ot for Mothers Day
Michele & Frank--6 cases water
Karen C--donation to FFRC
Catherine H from NY--donation to use wherever needed
Ursula H--donation for HB to Derecho! 

You know all those ads that you see on our cam for kittycam?  I know they can be annoying. But, think of it this way---they bring $$ in to FFRC! And for the month of March, we received $1,638.59----just for those ads!  wow---I'm thrilled! This makes it easier to put up with those ads--just think of them as dollar signs!!

More work is being done on the floor of The House that Jonah Built. It looks so nice! I'm estimating a week from Thursday is the official "done" date!  The Covies and Porchies are already enjoying the playground. The 29th is the date for Jessie's dental surgery. She too will need some extractions. We have her on antibiotics right now, in preparation of this. Tomasina is doing good. We keep doing "things" to stimulate her--changing her location, petting, talking to her. Ada Jane has been sleeping most of the day today. She looks so so comfortable in her wicker bed, all snugged up with cushie blankies around her. 

You all have a great day. It's taken me forever today to get this done........and it's all the kitties fault! I keep leaving the desk to go watch them! A great way to spend the day. 

Next blog we have to go over kitty names!!